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April 21, 2018
Nigerians Travel Too
One of the cheapest and quickest ways to tour the world is by maximising stopovers enroute your final destination. This gives you the opportunity to visit another destination without actually paying separately to travel there. Two for the price of one? Yaaas! We’ll take it. The norm is to travel ‘quickly’ to our destination, which means purposefully...
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As a mother of non-identical but ‘look alike’ twin girls, I get excited when I see twins travelling. I always have a dozen thoughts in my head about the excitement of travelling with doppelganger. You don’t have to get a tripod or beg the passer-by to help with a picture either. The most exciting part for me...
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I’m a HR consultant turned travel consultant, mother of 3 adorable kids, enthusiastic about traveling and constantly looking for ways to break travel  barriers for all. By showcasing the travel stories of myself and others, curating awesome travel packages, dishing out valuable travel tips and advice, with the ultimate aim of  inspiring many to achieve their most adventurous travel dreams.