Often, we write off Jamaica quickly as a destination without several activities.

I remember having a conversation with someone who said all she could see herself doing in Jamaica was swimming in the Caribbean Sea!

Ha, No, there is so much and more.

For those willing to go on a full splurge (because the tours/excursions in Jamaica could be quite expensive), then this guide would be useful.

And should you wish to book any extra tours as stated in the guide, then please send a WhatsApp to +2347010594027.


Day 1-

Typical arrival time would be in the evening (Jamaica time) which is around mid-night in Nigeria. You would find yourself battling between time zones, with your body saying sleeping, and your mind saying No oh! It is still daytime. Well, that is the typical story of Jetlag!

You would check into your hotel, and rest. As most hotels are all inclusive, it would be an absolute bliss for you to grab food after your rest, and do not forget to grab a drink in the bar, whilst waiting for the animation team to perform their nightly activities. From Karaoke, to dance to the DJ generally blasting Afro beats (you would surely feel proud of being a Nigerian).


Day 2

You must be ready to bump and grind on day 2 because the adventures begin.

Oh, I forgot to ask, I hope you slept well? Chances are, calls from Nigeria did not let you sleep, because your night-time is their daytime.

Tip – do not forget to use your aeroplane mode! LOL

The first tour we will recommend in Jamaica is the Martha brae rafting. It is relaxing, it is soothing, and if you have blue tooth speakers, then do not hesitate to have a party on your raft.

To the brave ones, do not forget to pack your towels and change of clothes if you wish to dive in the river.

This is typically 1hr 30 mins, which means you will have the rest of the afternoon to explore.


Moving around

Taxis are very easily to hail in Jamaica- just ensure it is a registered one- mainly yellow in colour.

You could visit the Hip strip (the city centre of Montego Bay) – look around, shop around and don’t miss our Usain Bolt’s restaurant ‘Track and Fields’- who knows he might just be the one on shift to serve you!

Should you need more source of fun, then you could stop by at Doctor’s cave beach club, for some music, fun and swim. $3– entrance fee.

Day 3

Your Patois must be getting strong by now, from interacting with locals in the hotels, tour sites etc.

Take a 1-hour road trip to Negril, for its 7-mile beach.

Take up day use at Skylark Negril – and visit their signs walls at Miss Lilly’s

Or rock house hotel and immense yourself in their infinity pools or cliff side pools

Paddle your way to paradise,

Tiki boat,

Catamaran cruise,

For the brave hearts, why not attempt cliff jumping into the sea at Rick’s café.

Ensure you wait to catch the sunset here; it is one of the most breath-taking things you will experience.

Day 4

When it comes to cultural and heritage site, Jamaica would not disappoint you.

Take on a Green grotto cave tour, in Run Away bay, for an insightful experience and learning.

Your tour guide would share with you, the significance of this cave, during the trans-Atlantic slave era.

Try not no wear a bright coloured outfit like yellow, as the bats in the cave could assume you are a banana LOL!


Next town to Runaway Bay is Ocho Rios, known for it is lush and green scenes. Chase Dunn’s water falls right here and experience the most amazing sight and sound.

You are also allowed to climb and swim if you are brave enough.


Day 5

Take the day out for a day trip to Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. This you could do by hiring a driver/guide for the day.

Visit the reggae legend, Bob Marley’s museum and get soaked into all the amazing stories and victories.


If you are lucky, you might just find one of the former members of the Wailer’s Band, Bongo Herman.

Do not end your visit right here, stop at Devon House just across the road for the most talked about ice cream in the world. Try the Rum and Raisin flavour and thank me later!

For some history and heritage, visit the emancipation park, where you would walk with the national heroes. Do not miss out the photo opportunity with the statue of emancipation (remarkably like the one in Badagry Museum).

Visit the Institute of Jamaica if you are interested in more history and heritage of Jamaica.

Rum lovers– stop at a Rum factory enroute and learn how rum is made. Make sure you buy some real rum deals back home!


Day 6

After a full day in Kingston, you should really rest today and enjoy our resort’s facilities.

Should you however wish to go out,

You could try out swimming with the Dolphins, ocho rios,


Or visiting the Mystic mountain and make sure you go on the Bob sledge ride.

You could also take up the following,

Cooking classes,

Cocktail classes

Dance hall classes

Marijuana farm tours


Day 7

For those who rested yesterday, today would be lemon squeezy with different types of adventures.

For those who did not, it would be a continuation of where they stopped the previous day…HAHA.


Either you take on a full day YAHMAN adventures- the closes to Jamaican culture

Buggy and ATV rides, secret rivers and many more!


Or you take on a Full day Chukka cove adventure which comes with options horse riding in the water, atv rides, ziplining etc.


Day 8

Why not start your day by visiting Spanish bridge today, one of the most instagrammable places in Jamaica and practise your Tarzan moves?

Next stop visit Port Antonio parish, famous for its ecotourism, wellness, and nature.

Home to several beaches, waterfalls, and rivers. The must visit for a day trip includes’.

The blue lagoon for another rafting and swim experience,

French man’s cove beach, a hidden treasure where you will lose track of time.

Reach falls- other waterfalls for you to catch before leaving Jamaica.

Experience the day in Great Huts- known for its tree houses, healing massages etc.


Day 9

We were not joking when I said Jamaica was more than swimming in the sea.

This guide only covers 4 Parishes in Jamaica and there is still so much to do if you have more time.

I will recommend you use this morning to do your packing, and any last-minute shopping before heading out to the airport for your flight back to Nigeria.