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Hi Fellas, its Liz here! If you’ve been following all our social media pages, by now, you’ll know that I’ve been in the jewel of the Caribbean Sea,  Jamaica.

As the project manager of Naijamaica (the first ever direct commercial charter from Africa to Caribbean) it was only expected of me to visit for some ground work, meetings and of course small jollyfication.

I know your next question would be how did I get there with no flight connections?

Well, I flew Virgin Atlantic from London Heathrow (which means you require a UK visa and that means double flights if you’re coming from Lagos but this problem has now been solved! Keep reading).

Your next question would be why travel during Covid-19 is it not unsafe?

Taking precautions and being reasonable during your journey would ensure your safety.

I had checked and knew Covid 19 numbers in Jamaica were less than 7,000 and all their new cases were not tourist related due to the safe measures they had put in as s County.

As the new norm, you need to do your Covid-19 test, get your online travel authorization into Jamaica, get your self all masked up and never stop sanitising.


My journey time from London was 9 hrs 30 minutes and the journey saw me change from 9pm in London to 3pm in Jamaica in the same day! Which means I gained 6 hours extra and had to fight with my body clock (called jet lag) so prepare your body and souls for that.


I checked into the beautiful 5-star Riu reggae hotel and I appreciated the mandatory safety measures from right from Check-in; From temperature checks to sanitisation and that gave me a lot of peace of mind.

Jamaica has some of the bluest waters I’ve ever seen. I woke up to the infusion the view of this and the most beautiful sunrise from my balcony!

I kick-started my day 2 with hotel inspections at Hyatt. The most unique Jamaica back drops can also be found on Hyatt grounds.

And I made sure I tried lots of great foods and exotic fruits whilst at it. Guineps, Soursop,  yellow water Melon and many more.

My day three, saw me visit Martha Brae for water rafting, one of the best experiences ever!

Rafting is an outdoor recreational activity which uses an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. In Jamaica, Water is a central feature as the country is home to many rivers, springs and water falls. This is where the idea of river rafting was born. River rafting was originally used to transport bananas when reaped from plantations on the inland it was then transported to the harbour at Port Antonio via the river.

Afterwards I visited Chukka sandbay for a full day of adventures. ATV Rides, and hose riding in the water (A major highlight) The location also had an infinity pool should you want to dip in!


Ha!!  I almost forgot, The best part is the festival lunch (jerk chicken + a fried bread made from corn meal and flour)

If you’ll like to be a part of a visit Jamaica with us this December and be a part of history as the flight will be the FIRST ever direct flight from Africa to the Caribbean.

Click below to know more.


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