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We inspire people to travel more by showcasing heartwarming stories and travel experiences of other Nigerians, thus helping to break travel barriers one day at a time. 
We do this by developing wholesome travel-centric ideas. For example, our flagship travel experience ‘NTT Connect’, is a series of groups trips which open the doors adventure, companionship, and networking

Our Ways

We do all we can in our travel sense to ensure we provide you with visa support for all our group travel thereby taking a huge amount of stress off you. We also work to overcome age barriers through our age-based travel packages where peers unite to explore the world together. 

We alleviate custom-travel problems by offering affordable travel solutions, planning logistics and ensuring that solo or group (family/friends) trips are as memorable as can be. We are resilient and as such, pride ourselves in not being confined to travel-related boundaries; looking beyond the limits of our Nigerian passport. NTT will keep inspiring and we hope that you’ll connect with us through any of our well-coordinated trips made to suit various travel personalities.

We will hearten other travel enthusiasts as we share pictures, videos, stories, destination souvenirs, travel advice and hacks; and we very much hope you equally feel inspired by our stories because really, Nigerians Travel Too!


I visited Agadir Morocco with Elizabeth’s travel group a year ago and I super excited about the trips she’s got planned for next year already. I had so much fun in Agadir with the travel group. It was my first time travelling without my spouse or children, I didn’t understand the rationale to travel without your family prior to this trip. The all-inclusive hotel was top-notch, the activities from the camel riding to the quad biking, Agadir oufella sightseeing, beach activities and the icing on the cake was the Harman bath and massage she added to our itinerary. I returned home feeling new in my mind and body …this didn’t last long though..Lol, hence why I’m looking forward to the next trip


Elizabeth arranged a travel experience for us to Sharm-El Sheik in Egypt. Every day was a different experience, from the desert tours to the city tours, the religious tours. The hotel was carefully selected, excellent location and good food. I’m looking forward to Political stability in Sharm-El sheik so I could return there. The travel group made the trip so relaxing, we were of common interest as mothers and we could all learn from each other. I’m looking forward to future NTT trips

Tolu .O

From the planning stage to the the end of the trip, Elizabeth was really helpful. Milan trip was wonderful. Being an unorganised person, it was good having Elizabeth planned everything from the beginning of the trip to Milan till the end. The airport transfer to hotel, to visiting the Duomo. The wonderful day trip to the Lake Como… The stunning views of the mountains and boats to the shopping village. The entire trip to Milan was memorable. I am looking forward to the next trip with NTT

Yemi A.

I had never heard of Amalfi coast till I saw the advert for this trip, NTT team gave me full information about the country and this got me excited. NTT delivered more than I expected, so much though was put into our safety and comfort. The hotel location was central for my evening stroll, the driver was knowledgeable and understood the narrow roads of Naples, this put my mind to rest. I had so much fun with Elizabeth and her team who kept us giggling all through with their funny stories and jokes. I found myself turn into a true traveller during this trip as we didn’t stop moving. Every town has something for us and the team were able to put a sensible itinerary for us. I look forward to future trips with NTT

Abi O.
Amalfi Coast

I traveled with NTT to Morocco for the over 50’s travel. I was quite skeptical about joining a group in as I had never been on such. Elizabeth was quick to help me relax and assure me of the purpose of the trip was to help me meet others like me. The trip was a first time of many things for me such as camel riding, riding a Quad bike, I felt like 20 years knocked off my age with the beautiful itinerary she planned. The trip ended with a relaxing massage which was exactly what I needed. I am counting down to the next trip for my age group organized by NTT Team.

Biola L
Over 50’s traveller

I had over worked myself and needed a nice location to relax and Elizabeth of Nigerian’s traveltoo recommended Mauritus. Two days flight scared me but thanks to for simply hooking me up for an amazing solo trip!! I got discouraged travelling alone to such an amazing honeymoon location but she was quick to arrange activities and a truly nice guide for me.
This beautiful lady is your dream of an agent, even on her birthday she planned this trip with me, even while she was on vacation, she planned with me, while I was indecisive and she was patient! She’s got a client for life in me! She followed through on my trip even when I called her while she was still sleeping due to the massive difference in time! I whole heartedly recommend this agency because she’s made me so happy! On top of it she gave me a royal welcome pickup package drive from the airport to the hotel where another royal welcome awaited me too! Travel on a budget or buoyancy!@nigerianstraveltoo has got you!!!
Thank you Madam, she proves your agent can be far away in London but deliver promptly!! I appreciate you!

Custom solo traveller

Planning a honeymoon could be as difficult as planning a wedding. We had so many locations of choices and we couldn’t make our mind. To help streamline our choices, Elizabeth intelligently combined two countries in one. We ended up spending our 2 weeks honeymoon between South Africa and Mauritius. She carefully planned our activities to allow us to explore like locals and relax at the same time with a constant emphasis on ‘I need you both to bond’. At the point we nearly exceeded our budget she was quick to warn us and kept reminding us of the importance of keeping to our budget. This for us was the icing as she truly cared for us and was passionate about us. We are looking forward to more trips planned by NTT, and thank you for making our first travel experience as a couple memorable.

Foladele and Sam
Custom honeymoon

In life, you meet some people that change your life forever, right from the time I was introduced to this lady right here she has always been bubbly, supportive and full of life. It’s not only about the trips she organizes but the touch she has on everything. I find it hard to solo travel and most of the time my friends do not have the same leave days as I, so I knew of the trip she was planning and that was it. She always had time to chat with me regarding any questions I had, it’s not just about organizing vacations but it is the person in her. She made me laugh…So crazy like me, we gossiped and had so much fun…I would want to do Bali and Thailand with you because I will have an out of this world experience. Now looking back I think it is about her personal touch to her clients that makes everything worthwhile. I love you @nigerianstraveltoo even if I’m from Zimbabwe you really treat me like one of your own…looking forward to travel with you again.

NTT Connect Morocco (march)
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About Me

I’m a HR consultant turned travel consultant, mother of 3 adorable kids, enthusiastic about traveling and constantly looking for ways to break travel  barriers for all. By showcasing the travel stories of myself and others, curating awesome travel packages, dishing out valuable travel tips and advice, with the ultimate aim of  inspiring many to achieve their most adventurous travel dreams.