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We wish this was actually about us, but it really is us telling you about all the things we have planned in order to continue serving you with handcrafted memorable travel experiences, that allow you escape from reality, rejuvenate and learn something new at your next destination.

How We Started The Best Travel Agency In Nigeria

NTT was founded in July 2016. We began mainly as a Nigerian travel inspiration page on Instagram. We showcased Nigerian travel, featured heart-warming stories on our blog to inspire those to whom travel was barely an aspiration.

Months down the line, we identified a gap-Passport limitations, child care availability amongst other travel barriers, had been preventing many from traveling. We created a new campaign aimed at scrutinizing these travel barriers in order to break them.

Then we ventured into creating day trips within Europe for our UK clients and creating visa support services for our clients in Nigeria who couldn’t access many destinations due to the passport Index. S the journey has truly been an amazing one.

We equally realised people feel more comfortable travelling within their age range so we launched age based travel which has increasingly become very popular amongst our 50’s group (A travel group of 50 years olds and above, sometimes fairly below).
And finally, we created various ranges of trips to accommodate various budgets thereby eliminating the affordability barrier to travel.

Going Forward

We plan to continue executing seamless travel management for all, to ensure you will never have to worry about anything regarding travel, well, except what to pack in your travel bags.

We have built relationships with various diplomatic missions and embassies, over the years.
With our ethical travel practices, we have become a trusted force when it comes to representing our clients with visa issues in order to make their dream vacations come true.
We aim to expand our geographical scope to cover more countries thereby allowing more variety for your next trip selection.

We have also introduced trade relationships so our clients going on vacation would have the opportunity to explore business opportunities in selected destinations; we promote this by working with trade liaisons and Chambers of commerce in the destination and at home.

We have expanded our scope, and our new services and products can be found below:

WHY CHOOSE US For Your Traveling Plans

We are the best Travel Agency in Nigeria. There are so many reasons why you should choose ‘an NTT experience’ but we’ve highlighted five of them.

As the best traveling agency in Nigeria, we Hand craft all our travel experiences with love.

From our choice of destination (mostly tried by us first) to our travel experiences (accommodation and tours) which pillars on excitement, learning and relaxation. 

Travelling for us is a way to learn, experience new traditions and meet new people at the same time, either in the destination or those on the trip with you.

We immerse ourselves in culture, history, lifestyle, art, religion and all that shapes lives. When destinations permit, we include nature and even camping e.g. Sahara desert or the national park in Kenya.

Considering our love of adventure, we always ensure we highlight this in destinations that offer such, from fast racing car tours in Dubai to hang gliding in Brazil

We’re a family oriented business, as such; we treat all clients as family from the first contact all through purchase and even keep a thriving relationship afterwards.

We pride ourselves in the personal touch we give each client and we can’t wait to have you join our little happy family.

We work hard to inspire you and your next destination by showcasing travelers and sharing travel stories, check out our Instagram page. @nigerianstraveltoo

We understand the struggles that come with planning trips and we always work hard to ensure ‘time’ and ‘value’ are key essentials factored into all our trips.

We promote multi-trip destinations to allow you see more during your time.

We encourage multi-city trips in the most affordable ways possible.

We create a healthy environment that fosters friendships, great networks and also takes into account your individuality and needs. You wouldn’t have to wait for your friend to approve your trip or be in that Whatsapp group that has been planning a getaway for decades.

Join one of our group trips today. Our mantra is we come as strangers, and leave as friends.

What do people have to say?

Our work speaks for itself, and it can be read in the reviews below


Elizabeth Agboola


Travelling for me is an escape from the hustle and bustle of my reality. I realized a lot of people want similar escape avenues but usually encounter various travel barriers. From planning around family life, to seeking travel companions, affordability, getting visas-It’s an almost endless list. 

In an attempt to remove all of these barriers, I founded Nigerians Travel Too, a travel company dedicated to breaking travel barriers one trip at a time. With the help of my amazing team, we’ve been able to create the most amazing travel experiences for individuals, couples, families, companies and international organizations.

With a degree in Business & business psychology and a Masters degree in Human resources management, and having worked in the Public and private sector for over 10 years, it was an almost effortless process switching to leisure travel planning for a multi dimensional travel enterprise.

I have put in my travel experience both from leisure and special interests (across 50 countries in 6 continents) into several blog posts which you can find in the blog section. I am also a frequent contributor on one of Africa’s foremost online magazines, www.bellanaija.com 

I have built travel relationships through travel markets (ITB, WTM, ATM, IBTM, FITUR) and successfully connected the international market to the Nigerian market both in Nigeria and in the diaspora. Beyond promoting outbound tourism, I champion the promotion of inbound Nigeria by selling Nigeria as a tourist destination to those interested in visiting Nigeria.

For an unforgettable and meaningful experience for yourselves or your clients (travel, trade or tourism), do not hesitate to connect with me.