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/the fusion of Nigeria and Jamaica/

Just in case you were wondering what this means, look no further than all the things which make Nigeria and Jamaica outstanding – music, food, film, beauty, good vibes, shared history, sports and the the list goes on. When these are blended together like a fine Jamaican rum, the result is pure magic. Simply, Nai-Ja-maica!

Even though these two vibrant cultures are excellent on their own they are magnified and enhanced when they come together at different levels. This year presents a golden opportunity for the kind of NaiJamaica fusion that will make everyone want to get involved. On 29th April Nigeria and Jamaica will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their establishment of diplomatic relations – a golden Jubilee! This will set the stage for a range of activities in both locations, to mark this milestone.


A centerpiece of the scheduled activities will be the staging of an unprecedented direct charter flight between Lagos and Montego Bay in July. Who can afford to be missing from such a once in a lifetime adventure?

A 9 hours direct flight to Jamaica without flying via U.S.A, thereby relieving us the U.SA visa stress of the 22 hours flight journey.



Tour operators were all fired up to get things going and March 1st, 2020, over 30 of Nigeria’s finest dream makers came together in Lagos to discuss the key arrangements. They were joined by HE Esmond Reid, Jamaican High Commissioner to Nigeria, who encouraged everyone to seize the opportunity to be part of a potential game changer in the NaiJamaica experience.

More information would be out shortly for bookings!!!!!

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