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bob marley museum
Let’s face it Q1 and Q2 in 2020 got cancelled by Covid 19. We are starting all over again in July 2020. Join us for a new dawn in Jamaica. Why join the trip? 1. Make it your long awaited escape after all the world’s fatigue from Covid-192. Be a part of history; You will be a...
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Countries around the world are increasingly adopting sweeping measures to stem the spread of the new Corona virus, including shutting down airports, imposing travel restrictions and completely sealing their borders. No one really saw this coming (well maybe Bill gates) but the thing is we are facing challenging times- unprecedented! In light of the recent...
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nigerians on holiday
Public Holidays! Oh don’t we just love them. Writing this already excites me I feel like bursting into a song. Lol Holidays are the free days where your leave days are not actively counting and In Lagos where they are the periods where roads are the freest. If you’d like to travel during the weekend...
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The year of return was Mad Oh!!! In 2018, Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo declared 2019 as the Year of Return in order to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of African slaves in America. He asked for Ghanaians in Diaspora to come back home to Ghana. With great array of events like Afronation, The...
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Did you know that Africans can now visit Nigeria Visa Free come 2020? This announcement was made by the President, Muhammadu Buhari,  in Egypt, on Wednesday this week! You know what that means right? 😉 #Africanstraveltoo “Starting January 2020, Africans will be able to arrive in Nigeria receiving Visas on arrival” the President said at the...
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Travelling for Christmas
Traffic, fuel scarcity, an expressive crowd? Merry Christmas from Lagos to you, Hehe! Just kidding.(not really) That time of the year is almost here. Lots of delicious food, beautiful people-Lagos, Nigeria is truly a wonderful place to spend Christmas. You’ll enjoy the warmth of the people, the fascinating spots and most of all, the turnup-ish...
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Getting a Schengen Visa
WARNING 😊 1. This information is only applicable to tourists not ‘relocators’ 2. This information cannot work if you’re looking for someone to ‘arrange your visa because you would need to ensure you can provide the documents stated below. This lesson will be further divided into Schengen Visa Tips for Business Owners and Schengen Visa...
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Nigerians visiting Saudi Arabia
As you may well know already, Saudi Arabia opened its borders to tourists for the first time on the 28th of September 2019 by allowing up to 49 countries apply for E-visa and as usual Nigeria wasn’t among the list of qualifying countries. However, there’s now Good news for green passport holders with a valid...
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Getting through solo travel
We always say that solo travel is not for the faint at heart. If you’ve ever travelled solo, you deserve a gift and you can find one at the end of this blog post. We understand that group tours are fun but solo travel can equally be fun too if you make it- its audacious,...
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The ‘IJGB’ season is around the corner (December) and our brothers and sisters in the diaspora might be looking for where to spend the night (or day) in Lagos hence, this article might be for you! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best hotels and apartments you can get in Lagos at very decent price too....
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