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LizzyO. @thediylady had plans to see the world before her accident which left her with a spinal chord injury nearly a decade ago. She’s been defeating every  impossibility in her life one day at a time including travelling and most recently took a girls trip to Vegas (you can find this on her vlog). She...
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If you have witnessed Naija people repacking their luggage at the airport, then you would understand light packing doesn’t exist in our dictionary . Joke from Texas,  backpacked for 1 month across 6 countries in Europe, and if like me you’re wondering what she packed, how she packed and how she managed to recycle her...
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Most of us might have taken Turkey out of our bucket list due to the unending news of terrorism. I visited North Cyprus 8 years ago (the Turskish part of Cyprus) and I’ve always wanted to visit Turkey if for nothing but for their food… if you’ve tried ‘Ishkender’ then you would understand Turkey is...
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With our ”Morocco like a pro-a travellers tale” (OCT 10-18th 2017) travel experience fast approaching , we have decided to hear the views of people who have visited the country as travellers rather than vacationers recently. Morocco is naturally tailor made for travellers with so many cities, Sahara desert, Atlas Mountain and various waterfalls and...
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