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We’re super pumped that we can finally usher in the month of February-the month of love- seeing that January was taking way too long to end. *insert rolling eyes emoji*.

Valentine is around the corner, and of course, love is in the air. Lovers are in the air too thanks to them wanting to see the world together. We can now expect February to also be a month of hikes in fare prices. *insert rolling eyes emoji again* lol

What better way to enter into the month of love than to catch up with a lovely couple who have spent most of their travel time together exploring new lands, trying new foods, immersing themselves in foreign cultures and ultimately creating beautiful adventrous, memories together?

We caught up with the beautiful Meena, who took her first trip 177 weeks ago with her other half and hasn’t looked back since then. She is a strong believer in the saying that  “couples who travel together stay together.”

Thanks to Meena for granting us this interview on behalf of herself and her partner, with hopes of inspiring lovers to travel more together.

With love from Enugu, Nigeria

1. NTT: How often do you travel? and how many countries have you travelled to together? 

Meena: We travel often. We have been to 12 countries so far together and we are planning many many more. He recently took me to his country (Nigeria) where we stayed for a month long. Meeting the rest of his family out there and getting the chance to meet his grandma still has me on cloud 9.

2. NTT: How do you choose your destinations?

Meena: The destination is sometimes random. Depending on the occasion/ event and time of the year.

Let’s just go anywhere..together!
3. NTT: Where was your first travel together?
Meena: Our first trip together was to Hawaii.
4. NTT: There is a saying that that “couples that travel together stay together.” Does that hold true for you? 

Meena: I’m a true believer that a couple that travels together stays together. It’s one thing to travel and see the world but to have the opportunity to see all of that with your other half is a blessing. Experiencing new and different things together in other places is like a dream come true. I feel our trips together make us closer. We have to work as a team and figure out things such as the language, couture etc. while on our trips.


20th October 2014 in Hawaii

5. NTT: Do you ever travel without each other (non work related), if yes do you feel guilty?

Meena: Once in a blue moon we travel with our siblings for their birthdays. (No we don’t feel guilty) But for the most part, we travel with just each other.

They certainly don’t need to toss 3 coins into the Trevi Fountain! Maybe one

6. NTT: Most adventurous of the both of you?

Meena: Hands down I’m the most adventurous out of the two of us. Ask anyone he knows and they will tell you that since he met me he’s been doing the craziest stuff ever. I be having him do all kind of crazy thing. Just to name a few: late night skinny-dipping at the beach, riding elephants, swimming with big fishes under water, playing and feeding tigers, touching a snake that’s twice our size.

We don’t doubt that Meena..

7. NTT: How are you spending valentine’s this year?

Meena: This year for valentine’s day we will be spending it in Greece. Which is also my birthday trip (since my birthday is a few days before valentine’s day).

Love love love

Greece is slowly taking away the ‘city of love’ title from cities like Paris and Venice and we certainly don’t need to ask why. I mean, who wouldn’t choose the clear blue skies and water in the beautiful Santorini? Do you agree? Where is love taking you to in this month of love? Let us know!

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