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Getting through solo travel



Getting through solo travel

We always say that solo travel is not for the faint at heart. If you’ve ever travelled solo, you deserve a gift and you can find one at the end of this blog post.
We understand that group tours are fun but solo travel can equally be fun too if you make it- its audacious, spontaneous, you get to travel on your terms, change your plans without having to consult anyone and you can see things purely from your own point of view without external input. Oh! it just might be easier to find a foreign bae when you’re actually travelling solo.

So what are the Do’s and Don’ts of traveling solo? let’s get into it

1) DO YOUR RESEARCH: Planning is key, especially if you’re going to be doing this alone. What language is spoken in the country you’re going to? Where are the safest places? Where are the most popular tourist sites. These are simple questions you should have answers to if you want to make the best of your trip.

2) ENJOY TIME WITH YOURSELF- Don’t get too engrossed in meting new people that you actually forget to spend time with yourself. Remember this is an opportunity that’s hard to get on a group trip.

3) GET A GUIDE: If you’re not too sure you can wing it, its better to get a guide who you trust (via referral) to help you throughout the trip. Someone who is familiar with the city, their language and culture can help you with transport, haggling in the market and knowing the best spots to visit.



1) DON’T GET INTOXICATED– All by yourself in a faraway land, it’s easy to loose all your home training because…



DON’T DO IT. If you do, you’ll be really On Your Own.

2) DON’T BE ALONE– Yes you’re traveling solo, but try as much as possible to hang out more in public spaces except of course you are in you hotel room. Also follow your instincts, if you get a weird vibe about a particular place, you should probably leave.

3) DON’T RUN OUT OF CASH– There isn’t much worse than being stranded with no cash in a city you don’t know with people your unfamiliar with, speaking a language you barely understand. A tip is to always keep money in your underwear or even your shoes. this sounds a tad bit extreme but we are merely looking out for you. Consider the possibility of your purse getting stolen. If this happens and that extra cash isn’t with your shoes, Don’t cry, don’t beg Jackie.

All in all, prioritize safety over comfort. Solo trips are truly amazing and should you want us to plan a solo trip for you, We are here!

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