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Travelling and fitness don’t go together most of the times. Our normal routines get completely thrown out the window when traveling. With no kitchen or fridge access, meal preps would be impossible, also running around an unfamiliar road could also be discouraging for runners .You wouldn’t expect your hotel’s gym to have all your regular equipment for your fitness routine either.

We could also get carried away with different countries delicacies and comfort ourselves with the famous line of ‘you only live once’.

Fit TravelQueen has shared with us her practical tips to stay in shape whilst travelling. She also shared some stories from Thailand to help inspire someone visiting soon. If April 2018 is soon enough, this would be us in need of this inspiration as Thailand is on our destination list for 2018.



1.     As the ‘Fit-TravelQueen’  how do you keep up whilst travelling?

Honestly, it’s a struggle to keep up while traveling. I eat whatever I like since it’s vacation but before I travel I’m on my best behavior with eating and exercising. During my travels I do squats and crunches in my hotel room, and drink as much water as possible.

2. Why did you choose Thailand and how long were you there for?

I stayed in Thailand for about 6 days. I chose Thailand because I fell in love with the beautiful scenery that I always saw in travel pictures.

3.       What did you like most about Thailand?

What I liked the most about Thailand was the scenery. Phuket was absolutely breathtaking. Gorgeous water, and powdery white sand, what more can you ask for. And in Thailand everything is so cheap.

4.       What activities, places or food is a must for Thailand?

Phuket island boat tour is a must. You will see so many little islands, and also have the opportunity to explore each for a little while.  The food that I loved the most was mango sticky rice. It is truly addicting.


5.     What advice do you have for anyone travelling to Thailand?

My advice for anyone traveling to Thailand is to make sure you only drink bottled water, go there with an open mind, and soak up as much of the culture as you can.


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