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Ibeno Beach, Ibeno, Akwa Ibom

Ibeno Beach is the longest sand beach in West Africa, with its lovely white sands stretching from James Town, through a number of riverine communities, to the Atlantic Ocean. The beauty of the beach has its pros and cons, as it tends to attract lots of visitors, which makes it difficult to enjoy the views or spend a quiet afternoon there.

Atican beach, Lagos

Atican Beach is a private beach which can be accessed from Abraham Adesanya Road, Okun, Ajah, Lagos. The beach is known for its white sand and clean environment. As one of Lagos’ far off beaches, it is less crowded than most others. While the entertainment activities are limited, you can sit back and watch the tides or settle down in a quiet spot to get work done—the ideal getaway for digital nomads. Facilities at Atican Beach include a play area for children, swimming pool and convenient lodging for those looking to spend the night. If you’re feeling hungry, a restaurant and a bar are also available where you can eat Nigerian delicacies, including the famous spicy meat skewer called Suya.

Patigi Beach, Niger River Area

Patigi is not your average ‘beach by the Atlantic,’ as it provides you with an unusual beach view – one of the River Niger. This beach is surrounded by flowing rivers and green vegetation, and is famed as one of the most romantic beaches in Nigeria.

Ifoko Beach, Port Harcourt, Rivers

Ifoko Beach is renowned for its complete natural attributes. It remains one of the only beaches in the country that isn’t man-made, and it is fairly common to sight magnificent sea creatures in its waters.

Calabar Beach, Calabar, Cross-Rivers

Calabar Beach is quite popular for its combination of adventure, sweet solitude and breathtaking views. To garner maximum enjoyment, visitors are encouraged to restrict the majority of their activities to the ocean. A view of the monument set up at Calabar Beach in memory of the victims of the slave trade also gives visitors a taste of the country’s history.

Kamp Ikare, Ikare, Lagos

Kamp Ikare in Lagos is one of the most exotic and raved-about resorts in the country. The resort covers a section of the coastline area, near where the serene and hospitable Ikare village is located, to create an inviting and exciting beach experience for all.

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