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Ikogosi Warm and Cold Springs

The Ikogosi warm and cold springs is located in Ekiti West Local Government of Ekiti State of Nigeria. This natural wonder is sited in a valley where the warm spring rises from a valley while the cold spring flows down from another source side by side but separate from the warm spring. They connect in pool but each springs its thermal identity. The warm spring has a temperature of about 700c at the source and 370c after joining the cold spring. The spring water is believed to have healing effect on disease like guinea-worm and rheumatism. The traditional belief of the people about the origin of the springs and the undulating hills is another interesting aspect of a visit to this sight. Ikogosi Warm and Cold Springs has many recreational facilities like warm water swimming pool, chalets, beautifully manicured garden, reception building and 1000 capacity Amphitheatre, arts and crafts Centre.

Ogbunike Cave

Ogbunike Cave is located in Ogbunike in Oyi Local Government of Anambra State. This wonder of creation is divided into sections and there are different stories about each section that the native tour guides are delighted to share with tourists. The entrance to the five tunnels of the cave is a wide and tapering hemispherical vault of rock. Spring cool water drips from the corners and the top, the inside of the vault is serene and feels like a wonderland. The naturally-carved network of tunnels and chambers has two levels. The lower level is 100m long, which leads to an underground river. The upper level is twice as long and dry, and a bat colony and a waterfall sit at the north-western end.

Mambilla Plateau (Gashaka Gumti Park)

The Mambilla plateau is located in the highland region of Taraba State of Nigeria, it hosts the Chappal Waddi mountain which is the highest point in Nigeria with a height of 2,419 metres. It has an undulating landscape and is without insects. The plateau at the basement complex rocks is about 96km along its curved length and 40km wide, it is circumscribed by an escarpment reaching 900m high in some points. Some of the rare species of animals and birds are housed in Gashaka-Gumti National Park within the landscape of Mambilla Plateau.

Olumo Rock

Olumo Rock is an ancient formation of granite rocks, which is located in Abeokuta in Ogun state. The rock is a monument of traditional religion of the Egba people and they believe it protects them always. The peak of the rock is 137m above sea level and the rock has some natural caves, some of which up to 20 feet long and 25 feet wide. Olumo Rock is one of the favourite tourist attractions in Ogun State.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort is situated in the highlands of Cross River State it has a temperate temperature. It is a natural wonder and as a result of some alteration like the cable car which lifts guest to the top and a helipad for access by air, it is also regarded as the best man-made wonder in Nigeria. An 11km winded road leads to the hilltop from the base and it has several country side, mountain area and enchanting scenery. Features of the resort includes: Water Park, where tourists can experience the thrill of state-of-the art water slides or the relaxing effects of the Jacuzzi; Becheve Nature Resort, with over 250 different species of migratory birds. Visitors can stroll through the 60km canopy walkway built in the form of a ladder tree house unhindered, for breath-taking views; Cable Car which runs from the entrance of the resort at the bottom of the mountain up to the ranch resort at the summit.

Confluence of River Niger and Benue

River Niger and River Benue are the two largest rivers in West Africa. The two great Rivers meet at Lokoja forming a Y-shaped structure and flows into the Atlantic. River Benue has greenish colour while River Niger has a brownish colour. Ferry and boat services and other cruising facilities are available within the view of the confluence to enable tourists to explore this spectacular wonder. Two giant arms of water spread-eagled on an expanse of land dotted with green vegetation. The array of settlements around the confluence which they sprout from have probably made aerial approach to nature’s wonder more enrapturing. A view of this confluence from aircraft or choppers is a sheer bliss.

Idanre Hills

Idanre Hills is situated in Idanre/Ifedore local government area in Ondo state. These hills are one of the amazing natural wonders in Nigeria. One of the hills has 600 steps, which has to be climbed before you can get to its peak. When you get to the top of the hill, you will be pleased with the beautiful scenery of nature.

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