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We’re taking a trip to Jamaica in the Caribbean Island…far far away from Nigeria!

10 whole nights of reggae, jerk chicken, rum, exotic beaches, rivers, waterfalls, are all the features we need in our vacation after a tough stressful  year.

DATE March 30th to 9th April 2021

How to Book

How to Book

  1. Please choose your accommodation single or sharing room option.
  2. Should you wish to join from outside Africa e.g UK, US, CANADA, kindly deduct $2100 from any of the packages below. You would only need to sort your flight to Montego Bay to meet the group.
  3. Should you wish to join from other parts of Africa, kindly fly into Nigeria the day before to join the flight.
  4. All packages are costed with economy class, should you want to upgrade, to business class, please add $1600 to your package, or add first class $2840
  5. All rooms are standard room, should you wish to get suites or rooms with views kindly indicate, so your packages could be crafted.
  6. Confirm your space by paying $1500 or naira equivalent from your chosen package, one or before the 2nd of March, final payment 8th March, alternatively, you can pay in full.
  7. All exchange rates are all based on the rate on the day of payment.
  8. We have done it all for you, just pack your bags and meet us at the airport!!!


What is included in the price paid?

1) Visa fees+ support

2) flight tickets (private chartered flights on Air Peace)

3) Airport transfers 

4) Tours – bamboo rafting on Martha Brae and Catamaran cruise

5) 10 nights’ accommodation (Riu Montego Bay)

6) breakfast, lunch, dinner, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages inclusive 



2 in a room – $3275 each

1 in a room – $3675 each

Joining from Outside the U.S

For anyone who cannot fly from Nigeria with us, kindly deduct $2100 from any of the three packages to benefit from all inclusions except the flights and visa.

E.g. $3275-$2100 =$1175

If you’re joining from the U.S, you’ll just need to book your flights to Montego Bay to meet up with us (arrival into Montego Bay is between 8 to 10pm and departure is between 6 to 7pm)



This is a private charter on Air Peace (and it not their regular service line)

Visa Process

For those in Lagos,

VISA PROCESS            

Please put the documents below together, and scan across to info@nai-jamaica.com

Once your visa is ready, you would be contacted by email to send your international passport to us.

For those in Lagos

Plot 1, Block 99, Olori Muyibat Oyefusi Street, Lekki 1


For those in Abuja,

Please send documents to the below address


Jamaican High Commission

13, Hassan Musa Katsina Street


Submission dates

On of before10th March

Documents required

  1. Application form (embed the form inside here for download)
  2. Passport and Passport photograph (1)
  3. If employed – letter on introduction from work and 6 months personal bank statement (closing balance min 1M)
  4. If Self-employed – CAC + Memorandum and 6 months company or personal bank statement (closing balance min 1M)
  5. Proof of address (e.g. NEPA bill)

If sponsored – letter of sponsorship and bio data page of sponsor

If married -travelling with spouse – marriage certificate

If travelling with children – birth certificate

The Experience

Eat & Drink

Jamaica is well known for its mouth-watering, tasty dishes. Whether you need proper food, snacks or exotic food or drinks there is abundance of things to “tickle your taste buds.”

Even though all accommodation comes in this package comes with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it would be a Jamaican gastronomy criminal offence not to try the below.

Traditional food

Jamaican Jerk Chicken and pork, Ackee and salt fish, Jamaican rice and peas, curry goat, Mannish water (Nigerian pepper soup), Callaloo, Sweet potato pudding, Meat Patty (Nigerian meat pie)

There is a clear love of freshness in the preparation of good spicy food in Jamaica, and love of sweetness in its desserts. The abundance of meat, fish, and vegetables makes popular Jamaican food a rewarding area of exploration for all food lovers.

For sweet tooths, Jamaica has unending cakes and deserts to keep your teeth busy! Coconut drops, tamarind balls, bulla cake, grater cake and Jamaican rum cake

Traditional drinks

With all this exotic-sounding food on the menu, you will be looking to complete the experience with a somewhat traditional drink.

Irish Moss, Sea Cat Punch, Sorrel, Bob Marley Cocktail and of course RUM itself!

Exotic fruits

Pineapples, bananas, melons, papaya (or according to Jamaicans pawpaw), are all fruits you are familiar with and can find just about anywhere on your next trip to Jamaica.

However, there are a host of other exotic fruits that you may never have even heard of, but they are growing across the island on hillsides, in backyards and even on the sides of the roads.

Look out for Naseberry, Tamarind, Guniep, June plum, jack fruit, sweet sop & sour sop, star apple.



Sleeping in an amazing accommodation for us is important for our rejuvenation and believe it should be for you too and that is why for this trip we have handpicked the three options presented above to guarantee the relaxation you seek.

Riu Montego Bay


WHAT YOUR 10 NIGHTS WOULD LOOK LIKE (The full itinerary would the exact tour dates would be sent 2 weeks to travel|)

Jamaica is a melting point of culture, activities, and experiences in one, and 1 week is not enough to experience it all! We have however handpicked a few that your must experience.

  • Flight departs Lagos between 11am and 1pm (Exact flight times would be sent as a separate email and text up to a week to travel).
  • Flight departs Accra between 2pm to 4pm ((Exact flight times would be sent as a separate email and text up to a week to travel).

Please be at the airport up to 3 hours to departure.

  • Once you pick your luggage, your hotel reps would be waiting for you to take you to your various hotels.

Morning at leisure

Afternoon: Martha’s Brae Rafting

The Martha Brae River, a 20 stretch of turquoise water winding through Jamaica’s tropical inland rain forests, is an essential stop for nature lovers

Board a traditional bamboo raft. with an elevated seat for two,  for a calm, slow and gentle ride downstream the river,   poled by an expert trained raft captain who steers the raft  using a strong,  long stalk of bamboo, leaving you free to focus on the diverse  wildlife lining the shores. The vegetation is lush and thick along the riverbanks and you can hear the chirping birds and wildlife.  Duration is about 90 minutes.

  • Day at leisure

Optional tour

Kingston City Tour and Bob Marley Museum 

Negril Catamaran Day Party and Snorkelling Cruise and Rick’s Café (All Day)-

Catamaran cruise including local beverages, liquor, snorkelling gears and transportation from Montego Bay to Negril .

  • Pick up time 8:30am cruise sails at 10:30 to 1:30pm and RICKS CAFÉ Afterwards
  • Day at leisure
  • Optional Tours:
    • Lumnious lagoon
    • Optional Tour: Dunn’s River Falls

Day at leisure

Day at leisure

Day at leisure

Day at leisure

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