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As we know, the current pandemic has affected travel worldwide. Most people are not only NOT travelling; Many of us are actually staying indoors and trying to stay safe.
While we look forward to the days when travelling will become ‘normal’ again, we prepare our minds for the changes that are almost sure to come:

Beyond your passport and maybe yellow card, you might require more documents to prove that you have taken the corona virus test. Even then ,we may still have testing kits / hubs at the airports.

Packing for trips will most definitely be different. Masks will become a necessity. Your wipes will now be a must not a luxury; Disinfectants too.

Airports may have random stops for hand sanitizers and mobile basins. Think of it as how you can find bins almost everywhere. These will not be limited to airports alone but probably the whole world.

All in all, we can’t wait for this storm to pass so we can go back to visiting some of our favourite countries and living our best lives. 

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