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Motherhood and adventures might not mix well together to us all but Bolatito, mum of 4, living in Abuja has beaten all odds and proven with or without her children she wouldn’t give up on her travelling and adventures.

Between travelling, exploring amazing sites surrounding her and being a mum, she shares with us how she keeps it all together.

Being a mum is hard enough,  not giving up on your dreams because it’s not ‘societal friendly’ makes you the real deal!



Travelling/ Adventure  and Mum don’t go hand in hand in the Nigerian culture”s dictionary 
How have you been able to achieve this?

Who says moms can’t travel and go on adventures? The society puts so much limitations on moms but I refused to be boxed. I don’t conform to these type of societal norms/expectations ,I simply set my standards and work with them as long as it suits me and my family. Also having a spouse who understands and supports gives me an edge to achieving my travel goals.


How do you emotionally detach yourself when travelling solo? 

I begin to suffer from the guilt of having to leave my kids behind as soon as soon as I start planning the trip. The moment I step on the plane the anxiety stops and i begin to look forward to my adventures.Last year, I had to take my toddler along with me on an all girls trip to Morocco because I just couldn’t imagine leaving her behind. Knowing my kids are in safe hands gives me a lot of comfort.


Favourite country ?

My favourite country is anywhere that has a large body of water where I can engage in fun water activities such as surfing, kayaking, jet skiing   and lots more.


Next stop ?
I am currently exploring Abuja and its environs. I will be spending the rest of this year exploring Nigeria.


Which do you prefer Solo mum trips or solo mum with the kids ?
Solo mum trips all the way!


Advice/ Tips to mum’s out there wishing to see the world but don’t know where to start?

Always plan trips during public holidays. It’s a lot easier that way. Your spouse or relatives may be available to help with the kids during this period. Secondly, don’t let mummy guilt stop you, every mother feels the same way. You are not alone. The kids will always be fine as long as they are in safe hands. Lastly, You only Live Once! go out there and live!

There you go, live and enjoy life. If you can’t travel, you can explore your immediate environs.

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