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Let’s face it Q1 and Q2 in 2020 got cancelled by Covid 19. We are starting all over again in July 2020. Join us for a new dawn in Jamaica. 

Why join the trip? 

1. Make it your long awaited escape after all the world’s fatigue from Covid-19
2. Be a part of history; You will be a part of the first direct flight from Africa to the Caribbean.

3. The white beach and the blue water awaits-You will be treated to an experience of a life time. 

4. Reggae Sumfest event is known for its electrifying performance from local to international reggae acts. The event has 6 nights of activities which will include an All White Blitz party, A Sound system Explosion, Beach Party along with the main concert night. The event attracts crowd of all age from all over the world. The event always takes place Mid July in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

5. Waterfalls: There are some amazing waterfall in Jamaica. The Mayfield Falls, YS Falls, Blue Hole, Reach Falls, the most famous Dunn’s River Falls to mention a few. The Dunn’s River Fall is famous for its length of nearly 600 feet. The fall is step like in appearance and feature small pools dotted over each length. A 1 hour hike is required to get to the fall and it’s usually done with a local guide.


  1. Talk about food and rum: Jamaica is a home to some of the most celebrated rums and exotic blends, the Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica is known as one of the finest in the world. The best rum spot you can visit are Redbone Blues Café, The Deck, Ocean’s 11, John Crow’s Tavern, to mention a few. Jamaica is known for jerk chicken and it’s the unofficial national food on the Island. Jerk is a style of cooking in Jamaica, and the meat is either marinated or dry rubbed with a Jamaican spice mixture. The Jamaican Patty which is a type of snack, Rice and Peas, Ackee and Saltfish, which is a combination of fruit and fish.
  2. Bob Marley museum and also his mausoleum: Bob Marley museum is located in Kingston, the museum occupies the home of Bob Marley were you will see his personal artifacts, personal recording studio,among other highlights. There is a small Ethiopian- style church where a marble sits, there is a Marley ‘rock pillow’ with a Rastafari design.

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ДЕНЬГИ НЕ МОГУТ КУПИТЬ ЖИЗНЬ У Боба Марли было 12 детей, и как минимум пятеро из них пошли по стопам отца и занимаются музыкой. Например, Зигги Марли – известный исполнитель в стиле регги. А на фото – мужская линия семейства Марли: Боб и его 7 сыновей, а во главе – император Эфиопии Хайле Селасси, он же растаманский бог Джа. Эта красивая картинка нарисована на внутренней стене забора вокруг дома Боба Марли в Кингстоне. ⠀ Когда Бобу Марли было 32 года, у него обнаружили злокачественную меланому на большом пальце ноги, которая образовалась в результате футбольной травмы. Всё можно было решить ампутацией, но Марли отказался. Он боялся потерять способность танцевать на сцене и играть в футбол. Но основным аргументом против операции была вера. Растафари считают, что тело должно оставаться целым. "Раста не приемлет ампутации. Я не допускаю, чтобы человека разбирали на запчасти," – так Марли ответил врачам. ⠀ Боб Марли продолжал петь и ездить по миру в концертами. Но рак давал о себе знать. Из-за лучевой терапии выпадали дреды, и приходилось надевать шапку. На одном из концертов Марли потерял сознание, и турне отменили. Рак поразил лёгкие и мозг. ⠀ Несмотря на лечение, певец скончался в больнице в Майами в 1981 году в возрасте 36 лет. Последние слова, которые он сказал сыну, были: Money can't buy life – Деньги не могут купить жизнь. ⠀ Многие ошибочно считают, что Боб Марли умер от наркотиков и ассоциируют его с образом рок-звезды. Нет, это не так. Марли был пацифистом и чрезвычайно верующим человеком, пропагандировал любовь и мир, не изменял своим принципам и верованиям, любил свою большую семью, свой народ и своих поклонников. ⠀ Ещё один большой миф – это песня Don't worry, be happy. Это не Марли, и даже голос не его. Песню исполняет Бобби Макферрин, и вышла она в 1988 году – через 7 лет после смерти Марли. ☝☝☝ Больше фото из дома Марли в столице Ямайки Кингстоне и музыка Боба и The Wailers – в сторис.

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 8) Swim with Horses: There are guides who tell you about history and culture and the ride is estimated to be a two and half hours ride where you ride through tropical rain-forest and even take your horse on a swim. There are well trained horses and attentive guides who will ensure you enjoy the horse ride in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

9) Mystic Luminous Lagoon: This a glistening water in a glowing lagoon on the north coast of Jamaica, the fresh water of Martha Brae River meets the salts water ocean which forms the amazing glistering water. The water is filled with phosphorous which allows it to illuminate so brightly when disturbed. When you dip your foot or hand I the water, it lights up around you.

10.  Mystic Luminous Lagoon: This a glistening water in a glowing lagoon on the north coast of Jamaica, the fresh water of Martha Brae River meets the salts water ocean which forms the amazing glistering water. The water is filled with phosphorous which allows it to illuminate so brightly when disturbed. When you dip your foot or hand I the water, it lights up around you.

  • Martha Brae Bamboo Rafting: The raft is operated over a three mile stretch of the beautiful Martha Bare River and last approximately 1 hour. Guest can learn about the Legend of Martha Brae or enjoy a swim. The Rafting was established over 40 years ago and can boost of eighty five licensed and experienced raft captains. The Bamboo raft is thirty foot long and are boarded under the supervision of a licensed dispatcher.
  • ATV Riding: Riding the ATV bike across the country to tour and this can be taken in Jamaica in Chukka’s Ocho Rios ATV Safari, Chukka’s ATV Off-Road Adventure in Sandy Bay.

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Words (and pictures) can't describe how amazing of an experience this was. I rang in the New Year in the #LuminousLagoon in Jamaica. There are only 4 spots in the world with bioluminescent water like this. When the water is disturbed, it lights up blue! It's one of the coolest (and scariest) things I've ever done. Scary only because you're swimming at night so you can't see anything and the mud on the ground feels like a large marshmallow. But man was it SO cool. I sadly didn't bring the right camera equipment with me so we didn't end up getting any photos or videos that were useable but I found this one online and I felt like it was the perfect one to show you what it looks like in real life! If you ever get the chance, make sure to add this to your to-do list as its one of the cooler things I've ever seen or done! #travelCTB #bioluminescence

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