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NTT Connect is one of our initiatives to bring all our clients together under one roof to network. This gave the opportunity for people who had travelled with us, or those with pending travel to meet each other.



Right around 8:00pm, on Friday, 3rd of August 2018, we gathered together as one big happy NTT family for the maiden edition of our ‘NTT CONNECT dinner event’. The beautiful Prest Cruise hotel on admiralty way, Lekki, Lagos played a wonderful host to us.



The NTT (Goofy) Team


So I mentioned it was a dinner right, but why eat on Land if you can be adventurous and do that on water?So of course we took the more adventurous option  and experienced a night of fun cruising on an amazing boat and enjoying our delicious three course meals; Taking in stunning Lagos landscapes and making sure to take a plethora of pictures when we passed by the popular Lekki- ikoyi link bridge. By the way, Lagos is such a beauty to behold and the night time makes it even more glaring.


It was amazing being in a room (well boat, but okay) filled with people from different walks of life -oil engineers, youtube Vloggers, bankers, filmmakers, consultants, entrepreneurs, you name it! And it was incredible that we were all there CONNECTED with a  NTT string! Oh! We also had a masseuse on board and everyone suddenly wanted a massage, lol. We also played ‘truth and lie’ (A game we made up which actually turned out more fun than we expected) and we all took turns participating and having a good laugh.



…MEETS AFTER (That NTT effect)


So this was NTT CONNECT, and so in light of that, we took it into our hands to hook some people up with their potential travel buddies, some also exchanged contact details for work- related reasons and others did so too, let’s just say for friendship sake.  Our first meal was pepper soup followed by our main dish of Nigerian jollof, fried rice and Chinese rice options. Then we had our desert of ice cream and yummy cakes made by theindulgence.


We danced as the boat headed back to the hotel ready to depart but excited for future reunions on our next trips.

PS: We left with bags of goodies too 😉

PPS: Don’t miss our next event, book a trip and become a part of the NTT Family

The dream team is the fun team!


No ,the fun didn’t start  in Lagos, neither did it end in Lagos.  It started in Port Harcourt where we asked our NTT Family member and baker to send out cakes to our family since they couldn’t make it to Lagos.


Final stop was in abuja on Sunday 5th August at Vanilla Lounge.

Who’s looking forward to the next NTT Connect Event?

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