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We have provided a standard NTT package in our ‘go my way’ or group travel section of our website to allow you plan your trip. If you however need further planning services from personalised travel itinerary, costing and budgeting of trips, then look no further than us.

A minimum payment of N50,000 is required for your personalised quotation and travel plan per destination. This payment is deductible from your final balance.

Once you’ve approved the travel plan provided above, we would book the most appropriate flights in accordance to your travel needs and budget.

We would book any accommodation in accordance to your budget, from luxury to mid luxury to basic.

Travel itinerary created by us for you in accordance to your travel personality, pre-travel pack and information, airport transfers, transportation, tours, personal concierge in the country and photographer (if required).

Please click link below to make payments for this service, and your travel planner would be in touch within 24hrs.

Total Travel Management?

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