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The ‘jand’ and ‘yankee’ season is upon us, and many of our friends have started giving us their summer travel plans. For those who won’t be their travel buddies because VFS doesn’t like you or the economy is crunching your pocket or even work commitments holding you from travelling abroad, we came up with a few staycation ideas within Lagos for you.

So you need somewhere, or perhaps something to make you feel alive again. You need something that doesn’t look like the constant routine of jammed roads and  noises from car honks. Despite the constant hustle and bustle of Lagos, there are still some serene places you can go for the perfect family stayvacation.

We’ve prepared a list for you and your family, just so you don’t have to do it yourself. Without further ado, let’s get to it:

  • La campaigne Tropicana- If you’re looking for a place outside of Lagos raucous, that’s able to remind you in other ways that you are still in Lagos, then La Campaigne Tropicana is your best bet. With an eccentric African-esque theme, the warmth and ambience of the resort is sure to draw you in. The resort has a spa, and the rooms are in form of beautiful traditional huts, some which have trees in front of them. Its’ a great place to relax and be reborn but its not all drab and quiet. There is a river for Kayaking and you can also play games like volleyball and pingpong

Fun facts: Money isn’t spent here so you’ll need to trade in that cash for the resorts currency-Pele. Also, there are no door bells so talking drums are use whenever the butlers need to attend to you. How cool is tha??

  • Suntan beach and resort: This is located in Badagry, Lagos. If you have a knack for water, this place is your staycation dream come true. Enjoy a nice day at the beach with your family playing as many water games as possible. The resort also has cool huts where you can sit and hang out in groups. For a day out, weekend getaway, or some time during the vacation, Suntan’s got you covered.

Side View

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  • Epe Resort and Spa:  The forty room resort which is sits in the Epe area of Lagos is your perfect weekend getaway spot. The resort has a great rooftop  bar where you can chill with a magical view of the stars and the rest of the world (As far as your eyes can see though).Of course, as the name implies, there is a luxury spa where guests can get relaxing massages and beauty treatments;  you can also have amazing Hammam Turkish baths . Enjoy the outdoor tennis court along with access to free bike rentals. You can also find:
    –  Pizzeria
    –  Beach House
    – Al Fresco BBQ area
    – Kids playground
    – Fitness Training
    – Games and Team Building Activities like cycling.

  • Casa Ilashe- This is a s private 12 room beach house located in Victoria Island, Lagos. They have a well stocked open bar and lounge,free Wi-fi, satellite TV and hospitable room service. Looking for a rather quiet spot for the perfect family retreat? Relax and be rejuvenated at Casa Ilashe!

Fun fact: Nigerian celebrities come here to cool off when they need some time out.

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  • Hotels– Anywhere in the world, hotels are a great place for a staycation. Lagos has a plethora of luxury hotels to pick from. With the most amazing views, delicious cuisines and hospitable services, they are going to leave you satisfied. Many of Lagos luxury hotels are well-equipped with fitness centers/gyms, spas, supermarkets, lounges, restaurants, laundry services, pools among many others. Stay usually comes with complementary breakfast as well. Some luxury hotels in Lagos include: Four points points by Sheraton,Oriental Hotel and Radisson blu.

Radisson Blu Hotel Lagos Ikeja by Patrick King . #radissonblulagosikeja

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Wherever you decide to have your staycation and for whatsoever reason you decide to do so, remember to be open minded, and live in the moment 😉

With love from us at NTT,

Happy Staycation!

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