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over 50's enjoying their lives
“TAKE ONLY MEMORIES, LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS” ~ CHIEF SEATTLE A group of 50 (+) year olds sitting calmly on a beach, taking in the calmness of its surface, watching it turn into chaos as the waves move on top of one another, Reminiscing some of their live’s greatest memories. Soothing. Bliss… well until its time...
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nigerians on holiday
Public Holidays! Oh don’t we just love them. Writing this already excites me I feel like bursting into a song. Lol Holidays are the free days where your leave days are not actively counting and In Lagos where they are the periods where roads are the freest. If you’d like to travel during the weekend...
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Getting through solo travel
We always say that solo travel is not for the faint at heart. If you’ve ever travelled solo, you deserve a gift and you can find one at the end of this blog post. We understand that group tours are fun but solo travel can equally be fun too if you make it- its audacious,...
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If you missed the previous post to this kindly click link below. A day’s guide in Brussels-Budget Travel Tales (2) My bus arrived Amsterdam Sloterdijk at 10.30pm. I did a google map check of my hostel location and it was about 15mins away. I decided to put my legs to good use and do the...
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nigerianstraveltoo, nigeriantraveller, a day's guide in brussels, brussels in one day
If you didn’t read the first part of my budget travel tales then you need to click on the link below. Budget Travel tales My over night bus got into Brussels city, Gare Noord Station at 6.30am. I started my day by visiting the powder room to freshen up (0.50cents for get in). I found...
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I’m not your everyday adrenaline junkie, but travelling on a strict budget of £146 to two countries in two days gave me the right level of adrenaline I needed. I wanted an adventure than would give birth to an interesting story to inspire others to do the same, so I curated a strict budget and itinerary for...
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I’m a HR consultant turned travel consultant, mother of 3 adorable kids, enthusiastic about traveling and constantly looking for ways to break travel  barriers for all. By showcasing the travel stories of myself and others, curating awesome travel packages, dishing out valuable travel tips and advice, with the ultimate aim of  inspiring many to achieve their most adventurous travel dreams.