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couples in love
HAPPY VALS DAY TRAVEL LOVERS! It’s such a great day in love. Roses flying around alongside flight tickets , chocolates or whatever. If you don’t have a val. Don’t worry you are our val automatically and we are sending you so much love and light. Here are some lovely couples travel photos that we stumbled...
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Hi guys! Today we are having a quick chat with Dammy who won our Giveaway trip to Tunisia in November 2019. If you’d like to know how her trip went, keep reading! Before you won the free trip via giveaway, was Tunisia somewhere on your bucket list ? • Tunisia wasn’t really on any list...
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nigerians on holiday
Public Holidays! Oh don’t we just love them. Writing this already excites me I feel like bursting into a song. Lol Holidays are the free days where your leave days are not actively counting and In Lagos where they are the periods where roads are the freest. If you’d like to travel during the weekend...
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Did you know that Africans can now visit Nigeria Visa Free come 2020? This announcement was made by the President, Muhammadu Buhari,  in Egypt, on Wednesday this week! You know what that means right? 😉 #Africanstraveltoo “Starting January 2020, Africans will be able to arrive in Nigeria receiving Visas on arrival” the President said at the...
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Nigerians visiting Saudi Arabia
As you may well know already, Saudi Arabia opened its borders to tourists for the first time on the 28th of September 2019 by allowing up to 49 countries apply for E-visa and as usual Nigeria wasn’t among the list of qualifying countries. However, there’s now Good news for green passport holders with a valid...
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Getting through solo travel
We always say that solo travel is not for the faint at heart. If you’ve ever travelled solo, you deserve a gift and you can find one at the end of this blog post. We understand that group tours are fun but solo travel can equally be fun too if you make it- its audacious,...
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nigerians visiting Tunisia
Before you say “Which one is Tunisia again”!!! Relax and allow me brush up your knowledge of Geography. Tunisia is a small country in North Africa, right between Algeria and Libya (geographically), but surprisingly it’s just as vibrant as its famous neighbours Egypt and Morocco. The geographical position of Tunisia allows it to double as...
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What comes to your mind when you hear Vietnam? A while back, when our lead consultant was in Vietnam for the Asian travel forum, we spotted Olumide’s comment on our page. Seeing that, we decided to reach out to him to give us some juice about Vietnam, considering he’s lived there before. We wanted to...
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nigerian group travel
NTT Connect is one of our initiatives to bring all our clients together under one roof to network. This gave the opportunity for people who had travelled with us, or those with pending travel to meet each other.     Right around 8:00pm, on Friday, 3rd of August 2018, we gathered together as one big...
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Nigeria is a great place to visit, overflowing with culture, warmth, energy and the ultimate African authenticity. If you ever find yourself in the borders of Nigeria, be sure to visit these sites below as they are sure to show you that Nigeria is way more than what you may have perceived through the media....
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