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The year of return was Mad Oh!!! In 2018, Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo declared 2019 as the Year of Return in order to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of African slaves in America. He asked for Ghanaians in Diaspora to come back home to Ghana. With great array of events like Afronation, The...
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Getting a Schengen Visa
WARNING 😊 1. This information is only applicable to tourists not ‘relocators’ 2. This information cannot work if you’re looking for someone to ‘arrange your visa because you would need to ensure you can provide the documents stated below. This lesson will be further divided into Schengen Visa Tips for Business Owners and Schengen Visa...
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nigerian group travel
NTT Connect is one of our initiatives to bring all our clients together under one roof to network. This gave the opportunity for people who had travelled with us, or those with pending travel to meet each other.     Right around 8:00pm, on Friday, 3rd of August 2018, we gathered together as one big...
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  This is a wholesome group trip to Morocco, North Africa lasting 8 days (7 nights). With elegant structures, an immersive culture and a vivacious atmosphere, the beautiful country of Morocco yearns for your undeterred attention, so don’t expect to tour the city in a hurry! There’s so much to see and even much more...
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I’m a HR consultant turned travel consultant, mother of 3 adorable kids, enthusiastic about traveling and constantly looking for ways to break travel  barriers for all. By showcasing the travel stories of myself and others, curating awesome travel packages, dishing out valuable travel tips and advice, with the ultimate aim of  inspiring many to achieve their most adventurous travel dreams.