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Hi guys! Today we are having a quick chat with Dammy who won our Giveaway trip to Tunisia in November 2019. If you’d like to know how her trip went, keep reading! Before you won the free trip via giveaway, was Tunisia somewhere on your bucket list ? • Tunisia wasn’t really on any list...
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2020!!! YAAAAAS. What’s in your bucket list? Ours is packed and we are super excited to share with you, our 2020 ” SEE THE WORLD’ Calendar. So where are we going in 2020? Let’s take a look! SOUTH AMERICA Brazil NORTH AMERICA Miami, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles & Las Vegas ANTARTICA Antartica EUROPE France Italy...
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nigerians visiting Tunisia
Before you say “Which one is Tunisia again”!!! Relax and allow me brush up your knowledge of Geography. Tunisia is a small country in North Africa, right between Algeria and Libya (geographically), but surprisingly it’s just as vibrant as its famous neighbours Egypt and Morocco. The geographical position of Tunisia allows it to double as...
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