NTT Terms and Conditions

We procure the cheapest possible flights and are bound by the terms and conditions of the respective airline companies.
We procure the best accommodation and curate the best tours, to give each client an amazing travel experience. We are bound by the terms and conditions of the destination management companies, hotels and tour agencies, from whom we procure services.
All Diplomatic Missions/Consulates have a non-refundable visa policy which we are obliged to adhere to. In situations where we are obliged to procure external visa support services we will be obliged to adhere to the terms and conditions of the respective service providers.
Travel insurance is compulsory for all NTT packages. Until further notice, it will include COVID-19 coverage and flight interruption coverage. This is to ensure that no one is left in a difficult situation during their trip abroad.
We charge a 10% fee for all our efforts to ensure that we have given you amazing memories of your vacation.
On no occasion is this charge refundable. However, 5% of the service charge may be transferred to future trips with us, that are completed within 6 months.
• Should you test positive of Covid-19 a few days to your trip, your trip would be non-refundable, hence the purpose of a travel insurance to minimize all losses.
• Should you catch Covid-19 on a trip, and have to go into isolation etc, it would be your responsibility to cover any charges that comes with this, hence the importance of a travel insurance.
• Some travel packages will have additional terms and conditions, that vary from the normal offers. Please ensure that careful attention is paid to each offer at the time of sign up.
• We reserve the right to increase our package prices. even after deposits have been paid and especially when we’re affected by a hike in flight prices or foreign exchange fluctuations.
• Where applicable, it is your responsibility to pay for your PCR test before travelling into a foreign country and travelling back to Nigeria plus the 7 days COVID Test post trip (please estimate an additional N150,000 to cover all three).
• Where applicable it is your responsibility to have a Yellow Fever Card.
• Where applicable it is your responsibility to ensure you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
• Signing up for this trip means you confirm you are fully capable to embark on the booked trip, you have no physical or mental conditions that is likely to disrupt this journey. Should you have any medical conditions kindly indicate to us along side your care management for it.
• Signing up for this trip means you are a client of NTT Travel and is not in any way affiliated to the company. Every conduct and activity of the named individual in the country is at their own free will and discretion.
• All personal items during our trips are not our responsibility. Please keep all your valuable items as safe as you can.
• It is your responsibility to ensure you do not miss you flight as we won’t cover any incurred costs.
• It is your responsibility to ensure your passport is within 6 months validity as anything less could mean you’ll be denied boarding.
• It is your responsibility to have an authentic and valid covid-19 result at the time of boarding.
1. Cancellations prior to 30 days to the scheduled travel date, are subject to a partial refund with service charge at 10% deducted or 5% worth held in credit for up to 6 months. These would be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the vendors (airline, visa, accommodation, tour company, travel insurance provider).
2. Where a visa has been applied for, the visa fees and charges for visa services become nonrefundable.
3. All refunds will be processed within 10 to 15 working days (this could take longer when external entities e.g. airlines/ hotels are involved.
4. Cancellations less than 30 days to travel date (even for last minute sign ups) become nonrefundable. On some occasions, the terms and conditions of the airline, visa, accommodation, tour company, travel insurance provider, would allow some percentage refunds. Should they agree to refund any percentage of the funds paid, we would procure on your behalf. Our service charge at 10% is non-refundable.
5. For payments in currencies other than Naira, refunds will be made at the quoted exchange rate on the date of payment, not the rate at the time of refund.
If any dispute, difference, or controversy arises out of or in relation or connection to this Agreement, we shall in the first instance attempt in good faith to resolve it promptly by discussions and negotiation between us and yourself and who have authority to settle the dispute.
We would not be liable under this agreement for direct, indirect or consequential liability of any losses directly or indirectly by you in connection with our service.
We would be excused from contractual liability in delay or cessation of delivery, cancellation, postponement under this agreement caused by acts of omissions that are beyond the reasonable control of and not the fault or negligence of us, such as and not limited to delays or cancellation caused by airline, act of God, fire, natural catastrophe, pandemic, extreme weather conditions, epidemic, disease outbreak, mechanical failure of aircraft, airport closure, or strike action. By signing this form, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the contents above stated. In the event that you do not agree with the terms of our sign up agreement, please do not sign this form; rather inform us with 48 hours of making a deposit so we can refund your deposit. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of making a deposit, we will interpret your silence as acceptance of the above stated terms and conditions of the sign up and we will commence planning your trip. If you agree to the terms contained above, please endeavor sign this form within 48 hours of receiving.