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Name:(as on your International Passport)
Phone Number:
Passport Expiration Date:
(Kindly attach biodata page of your passport to this form)
Name & date of Trip:
Amount for the Trip:
Amount Paid & date: (Kindly attach payment advise slip to this form as proof of payment)
NEXT OF KIN (name and phone number)
Payment & refund (under 90 days before stipulated trip)
1. All NTT deposits are 20% of the trip’s value.
2. Where price is foreign currency e.g $usd, our recommended exchange rate
applies, should you wish to pay into the currency account, we would make such
3. If you have booked for a room share option, it is not our responsibility to find you
a sharing pair, in any occasion when we can’t pair you, you would need to pay the
single occupancy difference.
4. The above sum is a deposit/full payment (circle the appropriate option) for the
above stated trip.
5. You have 48 hours from booking to cancel your trip to get a 100% refund.
6. Trips cancelled after 48 hours and up to 7 days are fully refundable but an
administration charge of N25,000 is applicable.
7. Our refund time line could take up to 5 to 15 working days.
8. All trips uncancelled 7 days after bookings means, you hereby authorize NTT to
commence with booking the requirements for this trip. These include, but are not
limited to:
a. Commencing the visa application process, where applicable;
b. Booking accommodation and flight tickets;
c. Making payments to vendors for ground transportation and tours;
d. Securing travel insurance cover, where applicable;
e. Preparing supporting documents for visa application submission, where applicable;
f. Liaising with our local embassy partners to facilitate the visa application process.
For bookings made between 90 to 150 days before stipulated trip, are fully refundable up to 30
days after bookings. Trips cancelled after 30 days up to 45 days after bookings are fully
refundable but an administration charge of N25,000 is applicable. Clause 4 applies for bookings
there after 45 days after.
1. 20% of the payments made become non-refundable if you decide not to travel with
NTT anymore.
On rare occasions we may consider a refund of some funds or credit note to be
transferred to future travel with us subject to the following conditions:
a. If the sum paid is a deposit and is paid more than 8 weeks to date of departure of the trip,
we will refund fifty percent (50%) of the paid.
b. Visa process hasn’t already commenced for the applicant.
2. Once we’re done with all processes from visa and flight
issuance, to accommodation bookings, to tour bookings (usually a month to
travel, after the final balance has been received), the trip becomes non-refundable.
On rare occasions,
a. our service charge at 8% of total booking Is held in credit for future bookings with us.
b. In events where by you’ve booked a room to yourself, not sharing, we might be able to
get accommodation vouchers for you to use when you visit the destination or we can
help you sell it when the opportunity arises (up to 14 days before travel).
c. In the event of a group trip, tours/transfers are booked in bulk, and any cancellation has
no monetary value.
3. We do not envision ever cancelling a trip, however, where the circumstances call
for cancelling the trip after signing up, we will communicate the cancellation and
the reason for the cancellation immediately, offer you the option of transferring
the funds to another NTT. Where you are uninterested in an alternative trip, NTT
will issue a refund. Please note, refunds take 5-10 working days to process.
4. NTT prides itself in catering to the bespoke needs of our travellers. We offer
custom trips and work tireless to make all custom trips as uniquely memorable.
For this reason, if you opt to cancel a custom trip, all initial deposits made an non-
refundable regardless of the time when the trip was cancelled.
5. All credit notes and deferrals stipulated in all clauses must be used within 9
6. In the event that your participation in the trip is cancelled due to visa refusal, the
issue of refund will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Please be advised NTT
makes no guarantees of visa success as the decision is solely at the discretion of
the consular officers of the issuing country.
Some considerations in determining a refund owing to a visa refusal include:
a. NTT would provide a partial refund (less amounts incurred for the visa fee, and all
necessary supporting documents, up to 15% of the monies paid) – not less than 4
weeks to the trip.
b. It is your responsibility to adhere to our applications time lines, and should you
decide to apply after the stipulated time, there by leading into less than 4 weeks to
travel date, you would be liable for no refund.
c. It is your responsibility to be completely honest with us about past application
records, should you be found wanting, you would not be liable for refund and NTT
has the right to blacklist you from future trips.
7. Should we need to cancel a trip due to the pandemic, we would refund all or most of the
money paid. In the case whereby your visas have already paid for and issued – we
would be unable to refund this. Most cancellations would take
place (if) at least a month to travel which means other payments
stay protected.
8. Signing up for this trip means you confirm you are fully capable to embark on the
booked trip, you have no physical or mental conditions that is likely to disrupt this
journey. Should you have any medical conditions kindly indicate to us along side
your care management for it.
9. Signing up for this trip means you are a client of NTT Travel and is not in any way
affiliated to the company. Every conduct and activity of the named individual in
the country is at their own free will and discretion.
10. All personal items during our trips are not our responsibility. Please keep all your
valuable items as safe as you can.
11. Travel insurance are now compulsory for every trip with us, it is important to
protect your packages purchased, to ensure you can minimize your losses,
should you need to cancel out of your stipulated cancellation period (we are here
to help should you need this).
12. These are highly uncertain times due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and on this basis,
there would be flexibility clauses on various trips, as each country has their
restrictions and laws guiding the pandemic. (pls check clause 7).
13. Should you test positive of Covid-19 a few days to your trip, your trip would be
non-refundable, hence the purpose of a travel insurance to minimize all losses.
14. Should you catch Covid-19 on a trip, and have to go into isolation etc, it would be
your responsibility to cover any charges that comes with this, hence the
importance of a travel insurance.
15. It is your responsibility to ensure you do not miss you flight as we won’t cover
any incurred costs.
16. It is your responsibility to ensure your passport is within 6 months validity as
anything less could mean you’ll be denied boarding.
17. It is your responsibility to have a yellow fever card for applicable trips.
By signing this form, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the
contents above stated.
In the event that you do not agree with the terms of our sign up agreement, please do not sign
this form; rather inform us with 48 hours of making a deposit so we can refund your deposit.
If we do not hear from you within 48 hours of making a deposit, we will interpret your
silence as acceptance of the above stated terms and conditions of the sign up and we
will commence planning your trip.
If you agree to the terms contained above, please endeavor sign this form within 48 hours of
Thank you.