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These booking conditions together with the general information contained in our information
form the basis of your contract with NTT Travel.
Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligation

It is your responsibility to hold a valid travel insurance for our trips. For some visa requirements specific type of travel insurance are required (e.g. Morocco requires Moroccan Travel Insurance). It is your responsibility to ensure the cover is adequate for any emergencies on your trips with us.


1. We operate a flexible payment policy at NTT. For travel packages N600,000 and under, we require a non-refundable deposit of N100,000 for first payment, and flexible payment afterwards (up to 4 payments).

2. For Travel packages above N600,000, we require a non-refundable deposit of N150,000 for first payment, and flexible payment afterwards (up to 5 payments).

3. We have the right to alter our advertised prices, but you would be advised of this prior to making any bookings with us.


4. Should you decide to cancel your booking, we must be advised immediately by email. In most cases, the deposit stipulated above becomes non- refundable. As we incur cost from the time we confirm your booking.

5. Cancellation prior to 60 days before the trip could be waived if you choose to transfer your booking to a named person or you could transfer your deposit unto another trip (pending no costs accustomed to you has been incurred e.g visas).

6. Bookings cancelled after 60 days become non – transferable (flight, accommodation, and tours become nonrefundable at this point.

7. If we cancel your booking or make any major changes that might make you uninterested in the package, we would be liable to pay you in full. This we will notify you by phone call or email before 4 weeks to travel date. You will have the choice to accept alternative trip of comparable standard or we provide your full refund.

8. Cancellation that arises due to reasons of the embassy (visa) delays or denial, force majeure (unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control e.g. war, epidemics,unavoidable technical problems, terrorist attack, natural disaster etc) would be treated on a case by case basis for refund (as we would take longer to make claims on each supplier and insurance), in some occurrences, fees that can’t be recovered becomes unrefundable.


9. All prices are worked based on the cheapest available flight, and as this fluctuates, we have the right to increase our initial advertised rate. Cheapest flights are usually nonrefundable, and you have the choice of paying a higher fare to ensure your fare is refundable.

10. Advertised prices are based on 2 people sharing a room and this is subject to availability, if we have no room mate to pair you with you would have to pay the difference (this would be communicated to you before the trip closes).

11. Options for comfortability are available such as single occupancy, upgrading flights, extending duration of travel etc.


NTT is a travel experience company and we do not handle visas directly. We depend on external agency whose fees are included in your package. We always aim to use the best service and to attain this your cooperation is required at all times

• Ensure you submit all documents as required on or before the agreed dates, if there happens to be a case of missing document, such application will be sent back, and you will bear the cost for courier.

• The processing time of applications is sole prerogative of the embassy, we work with an estimated time based on past experiences to the destination advertised, we however cannot guarantee the visas being issued before travel date.

• Upon submission of applications, applicant(s) can’t request for passports to be withdrawn, but if there is any case of such be aware that there is an official process required and this has to be duly followed, so please ensure you have no other travel arrangements at the time of submission.

• Visas are granted at the discretion of the embassy, we only act as concierge for the procurement for such services. At unfortunate times when visas are not granted, cost incurred would be paid by clients, and on a case by case basis we would support. 


NTT is a travel experience company and do not handle tickets directly, we depend on ticketing agents and have to adhere to the terms and conditions of their air fare purchases.
All flights are booked 30 days to travel regardless of visas being available, if you however require us to hold back till your visa is available, you would need to pay the fare difference at the time of purchase.


1. Is to provide you a stress-free travel experience by taking on planning and execution on your behalf.

2. It is our obligation to provide all that is included in your advertised travel experience package. As we know we can’t control all, any reasons for changes to your itinerary would be communicated and an alternative of same standard would be provided.

3. Our obligation is to keep you safe at all time, we use high quality transportation andensure our accommodations are in the safest areas in the city


1. It is your responsibility to ensure you’re in good state in mind and body before taking on a trip with us2. It is your obligation to read the terms and conditions and agreeing to it before signing up for our trips.
3. It is your responsibility to provide all visa document (as required) on the date as requested.
4. It is your responsibility to tell us of any medical conditions you’re managing and the solution to it, par venture a crisis occurs.
5. It is your obligation to reach the departure airport at least 3 hours to departure, any lateness which makes you miss your flight would be your additional cost.
6. You represent your own self on our trips and not the group, and if any misconduct occurs your next of kin as stated in your form will be contacted.
7. It is your responsibility to ensure all your travel documents are well kept and within dates.
8. It is your responsibility to take on extra hotel charges incurred from damages or bar use, or room service.


1. All itinerary has a strict time schedule to allow us to achieve every stop promised. We would appreciate your cooperation by keeping to the times that would be provided.
2. If you wouldn’t be partaking in a group activity, it is important you update the coordinator the day before.
3. The maximum waiting time is fifteen minutes for meet up purpose, please adhere to meeting up times, other wise you would have to make alternative transport arrangements at your cost.

We take regular photos and videos during our trips for promotional purposes and travel documentary purposes who those who need it. If you do not want to feature in any photos, please let us know before departure.


Please be assured we have measure in place to protect your personal booking information held buy us. We will never pass your information to a third party for marketing and commercial purposes.