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Hi guys! Today we are having a quick chat with Dammy who won our Giveaway trip to Tunisia in November 2019. If you’d like to know how her trip went, keep reading!

  1. Before you won the free trip via giveaway, was Tunisia somewhere on your bucket list ?

• Tunisia wasn’t really on any list for me, but boy! I couldn’t stop talking about the trip once I got back because Tunisia should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. That country is underrated I tell you.

2) So What was the trip like?
• supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Hahaha I was super excited because I’ve never won an online giveaway so imagine how I felt when the first giveaway I won was for a trip worth over 500k! Yes I can’t put that feeling into words please

• the trip was without stress NTT had it all covered! With all inclusive access in the hotels, specially selected tours and an amazing stopover in Egypt. I made friends with everyone on the trip, learnt new things, eg swimming and even had a mini therapy session with a rookie therapist part of the group lol

3) What interesting places  did you visit?
• Sousse
Port el kantoui (where we had the most amazing catamaran cruise)
Sidi bou said
The Andalusian baths in Tunis
• Honestly, I had the best travel experience in Tunisia. The locals were so welcoming and friendly. Drivers even stopped their cars in the middle of the road to allow us take pictures. I would say, I wish the trip was more than 7 days lol because I enjoyed myself so much I almost didn’t want to come back to Nigeria

4) Tell us about the meals you enjoyed the most
• I travelled to Tunisia with a resolve to try everything (food) I can! I even hoped to have an octopus meal lol. But that changed on the first day! I had this jelly-like dessert and it wouldn’t go down my throat! But the meal I enjoyed the most was the spaghetti bolognese I had at Sentido phenecia

5) What’s one thing you wish you knew before you traveled ?

• I wish I knew it would be cold in November I only packed summer clothes

6) One thing to look out for in Tunisia
• the doors!!! Yes and don’t forget to take extra memory to save all your pictures because really, everything and everywhere was picture worthy

7) What country is next on your bucket list?
• That would be Brazil

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