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Through the eyes of Olumide Olowe-VIETNAM

Through the eyes of Olumide Olowe-VIETNAM

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What comes to your mind when you hear Vietnam?

A while back, when our lead consultant was in Vietnam for the Asian travel forum, we spotted Olumide’s comment on our page. Seeing that, we decided to reach out to him to give us some juice about Vietnam, considering he’s lived there before. We wanted to know what it’s like there, his favorite cites and of course, visa struggles. He definitely came to our rescue with this one!
We present to you Vietnam, through the eyes of Olumide.

(We have a scheduled trip to Vietnam this October)

Hi Olumide!

1. Why Vietnam? What were your thoughts before going and what were
your thoughts on arrival?

I went to Vietnam to study, for me it was a way out of Nigeria even
when I thought the country was the same as the one we see in movies. I
was thinking of rice fields, mud and people in conical hats. But then
I made some research on Google about my intending location (Nha Trang)
and I was surprised, but not convinced. Upon arrival, I was surprised
at the airport; the WiFi was faster and available in comparison to
MMA, and then I was on the street of Ho Chi MInh, It was crowded but
with better transport system, good roads and high rise buildings. Upon
arrival in Nha Trang, the plane did a circular tour over the islands
and the ride to the city was serene with amazing beaches.

2. It must be really difficult to choose where to visit in Vietnam as
there are so many choices, if you had a week which 3 cities would you
choose to visit? and why ?

If I have a week, I will stay in Nha Trang, Da Lat and Ho Chi Minh.
Nha Trang is a beautiful coastal city in the south-central and it is
multi diverse with lots of tourists from different walks of life. The
nightlife is fantastic, the beach are clean and long, the food are
cheap, exotic and with the city relatively small size, you can explore
the history, and beaches in few days with a motorbike (cheaper to
rent). Dalat is called the Honey moon city of Vietnam, it has a colder
climate as compare to coastal cities (you might have to be on sweater
most times) as it is a city tucked in between mountains on the central
highland region of the country. The city was designed by Frenchmen and
it has loads of colonial architecture, amazing landscapes, mountains
to hike and waterfalls to see.
Ho Chi Minh is like the Lagos of Vietnam, it is one of the biggest
city with urban designs and elements of past, I will choose this place
because it is a fast growing developing city which favours businesses,
nightlife, cheap food and  accommodation.

3. Of all three wives there must be a favourite one right? so which is
your favorite of the cites and why?

I will choose Nha Trang because I lived there for long and because it
is chilled; one can relax on the beach after work, or climb the
mountain to see the panorama view of the city or even learn diving as
a course or as hobby because it has a Marine Protected Area with
amazing corals reef to see and it’s cheap.

4.  The visa struggle for Nigerians and South East Asia is out of this
world. Do you think they are just stressing us and we shouldn’t visit
their country or we Nigerians are the architects of our own

I think they are not stressing Nigerians, Vietnam has an open visa
policy that has always been nice to Nigerians until we misused the
opportunity and started dealing in crimes. Southeast Asia countries
started developing from the 80’s as compared to Nigeria, we are smarter
than the people in some aspect but they are not fools, therefore it is
difficult for them to police Africans (Nigerians), but if they cannot
police, at least they can stop others from coming, making it difficult
for true Nigerians to ply their trade.

5.Describe Vietnam for us in one sentence?

A hidden gem with lots of freedom and happiness

Thanks Olumide for chatting with us!

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