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Hi Ruth! Welcome back from Brazil!

1) You were lucky enough to visit 3 cities in Brazil , which of the 3 won your heart and why?
Definitely Salvador, Bahia. Salvador is just so full of energy. I stayed in an hotel in pelourinho which is a UN heritage site. There was always something going on, in one night, i attended a play with a ritual team, a church dedicated to black people and then a band show where I got to drum, and they were all free, on the street. The energy in Salvador is just unlike any where else I went to.

2) Why if the city surprised you the most?

Salvador still. There’s a very strong Afro centric culture there. All the yoruba gods (sango, osun, ogun,etc) are highly celebrated here. They have statues, shirts, a museum etc all dedicated to them. My tour guide was Yoruba from his great grandmother side. I saw loads of people dressed in the Yoruba tradition attire, and people were snapping with them. I could relate so much with the city and that came as a surprise to me.

3) You had to go to a few cities solo, did you feel unsafe at any point?
NEVER. NOT ONCE. At foz de Iguazu, the Uber I took from the airport to my hotel asked me if I was alone and I lied and said no, I’m going to meet my male friend in the hotel because that was just fresh after I had the group and was still feeling alone. When we got to the hotel, I confessed I was alone and he laughed and showed me his police barge, yes, he was a police man and just doing Uber to pick up extra cash. He said he was just asking to make conversation. He then called his wife for me
because he doesn’t speak English and we were using google translate to talk all along. The wife gave me useful pointers, told me where to get the best deals and her advise proved invaluable.


4) Is the Rio carnival experience a must do you think it’s over rated?
See ehn, everyone must attend the carnival at least once in their life. The feeling of being part of something so big and fun is indescribable. I am definitely going to go back for another carnival in a couple of years.

5) Describe Rio in one sentence
Rio is like Lagos, there’s something for everyone.

6) Describe Brazil in one sentence
Brazil is so full and rich in culture, it’s one of those places that have it all, it definitely has my heart.

7)You joined a group trip for the first time (yea us NTT..haha) Do you think this added any flavour to your Rio experience?
Yes definitely, I got to meet exciting people (networking) who all came with their own interesting dynamics which added flavour to this trip. I loved every moment with all of them and most of us still talk.




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