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Lagos is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria and there is so much to do in Lagos. In all fairness to Lagos, one week is inadequate to do see all it has to offer-from delicious, mouth-watering dishes to national historic monuments and nature’s beaches . You just might never want to leave Lagos (At least not after the one week is over). There are lots of places to go. lots of activities to engage in and of course, lots of Jollof Rice to eat!

However I’ve compiled a very comprehensive list which is basically a one week report of some things I got up to in Lagos and others I wish I got up to. I hope they can help you navigate your stay in Lagos. They really are the best of the rest. If you’re ready,

Get your shoes on, Lets go!

Market/ Shopping

I started began my Lagos tour by visiting the popular Balogun Market, in Lagos Island.

Shopping here is not for the faint-hearted, so you best go with a guide. I grew up visiting here with my mother and I’ve visited constantly every year since I moved abroad so navigating my way around wasn’t too bad (even though the place seems to change yearly). If you are a lover of souks and haggling, then this is definitely for you!

Ankara material shopping one of the major reasons I visited the market as they have a wide array of beautiful fabric. At Balogun, you’ll be sure to get quality items at very affordable prices.

Visit a Designer/ Tailor

Lagos is fast becoming a fashion HQ like Paris, London or Lisbon (very soon we’ll get there and let it be known that I said it *winks). Visiting a trusted designer is a must, because nothing beats having bespoke outfits beautifully  customized to your taste.


Lagos is home to restaurants that are fast becoming tourists hotspots because of the ambience it gives.
The likes of the backyard , craft by Lou Baker, ShiroLagos, Caspers and Gambinis, Spur and The bungalow are sure to give you a taste of heaven. Oh! did I mention that ‘The Place’ is a restaurant that also has the tastiest meals at really affordable prices? Emphasis on really.

 Art galleries

I visited Terrakulture, an art gallery cum theatre house,for a show called ‘Fela and the Kalakuta queens’- an epic show which revolved around thelife of the Lengendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti and his wives.

I also visited Nike art Gallery, a phenomenal art room with over 8000 pieces. I had the opportunity of meeting the wonderful owner- Nike Davies Okundaye an art thespian.

Besides the 5 storey building house of Arts, this place is home to the infamous Instagram Crocodile which has caught the attention of several people (thanks to different bloggers pictures inspo).

Other galleries you many want to check out include Omenka Gallery, Nimbus gallery, Rele and Art 21.


Lagos enjoys the presence of the Atlantic ocean, the very same which  enjoyed in the likes ofMorocco and Portugal. Interesting right?  Visit with friends and family and Dance to beautiful Afro-beats, horse riding, with friends and loved ones while basking under the sunlight.

The beaches include: Oniru beach, Eleko beach, Elegushi beach etc. There are also more sophisticated beaches (with private beach houses) like La Campagne tropicana and the Lekki Leisure Lake.

I was however very interested in Tarkwa Bay (thanks to the dreamy pictures on IG). Tarkwa bay is an island so it’s only accessible through the use of boats and water taxis. You can get in through Marina, Mekwe Jetty and Tarzan Marine ( Victoria Island).

Must Eat!

  • Delicious native foods like ‘Amala, Gbegiri and Ewedu’, ‘pounded yam and Egusi soup’, don’t forget our very own National treasure – The great ‘Jollof rice’, (be sure to add some Plantain to it, the best combo ever!)
  • Lagos has some really awesome street food: Suya (Which you can have with bread or garri, or anything actuallly -Suya is meat!) Shawarma, Roasted corn, Roasted plantain (boli) and groundnut

  • Dessert specials: Places like Coldstone creamery, Hans and rene, the Ice cream factory are sure to serve you the best desserts that will leave you wanting more!


Night Life

  • Nigerian Party Experience a typical Nigerian wedding (Ain’t no party like a Lagos Party! Have you watched  the’ Wedding Party movie? That’s what I’m talking about and more).

PS: Parties aren’t limited to the night time alone.

Nigerians love a good party and turn up.
It’s a cultural art and definitely worth experiencing either as a partaker or an observer.

  • Club hopping– (many run till 6:00am)- Quilox, Escape, Rhapsodys
  • Festivals or Marathon

There wasn’t any festival going on at the time I visited but Lagos is famous for it’s many festivals.  I however  ‘caught’ the set up of the Lagos Marathon signage by Ikeja mall and I decided to ‘do it for the gram’.


Lagos living is either on the mainland or the island. They both come with their advantages and disadvantages. Mainland is home to the international airport so it’s recommended you stay around here if you’re in town for a short time.

Hotel options on the mainland include: Protea hotel, Radisson Blu Ikeja,

If you however have the luxury, staying on the island is a differently exotic experience.There’s easy accessibility to night life (clubs, concerts, lounges), beaches and many of Lagos’ beautiful sites.

Hotel Options on the Island include: Oriental hotel, Eko Hotel, Federal Palace Hotel, Four points by Sheraton.

PS: These hotels also offer some of the best buffets you may find in Lagos.

Your must stay is however BlowFish Hotel , not just fot it’s 5 star service but also for its ambience.


  • Yellow taxis
  • Digital taxi (Uber, Taxify)
  • Buses – BRT buses, Danfo
  • Scooter/Bikes
  • Tuk-Tuk/ Keke Napep

In order to maximise your time during your stay in Lagos, we’ll recommend you create an itinerary with the to do suggestions we’ve given or better still work with one of the Lagos focused tour operators in Nigeria.


I like to say that Lagos is just as unsafe as the rest of the world. The average precaution you’ll take abroad should be applied.

You can visit the following places (if you have more time):  

  • Monuments spotting including Fela’s efigy, Eyo of Eko’s statue
  • Lekki conservation centre
  • Cathedral church of Christ
  • Freedom park
  • Palace of Lagos (Iga Idungran)
  • National art theratre
  • Central mosque lagos
  • Fela kuti tour
  • Badagry slave tour


If previously, Lagos wasn’t on your bucket list, then now is the best time to add it. Think tourism, think Lagos! 😉

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