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nigerians visiting Tunisia



nigerians visiting Tunisia

Before you say “Which one is Tunisia again”!!! Relax and allow me brush up your knowledge of Geography.
Tunisia is a small country in North Africa, right between Algeria and Libya (geographically), but surprisingly it’s just as vibrant as its famous neighbours Egypt and Morocco.
The geographical position of Tunisia allows it to double as a gateway to Europe and the Middle East, hence its French, Italian and Arab influences.

Tunisia, a once vibrant tourism haven especially for European countries, saw a decline after the 2016 terrorist attack following the Arab revolution.
It has since then been more determined than ever to reclaim its lost glory, thereby opening its doors to lovers of delicious cuisines, astonishing beaches, breath-taking archaeological and historic sites, the Sahara desert or Mykonos in Africa.

There is currently no quick way to get there as all flights have some form of layovers.
Your cheapest option (if booked well in advance is Egypt air). The typical Egypt air flight would depart from Lagos after 1pm to reach Cairo, Egypt at 9pm.
The airline would accommodate you in a hotel near the airport (it’s best to travel as a group to benefit from this, as individual travellers with little or no travel history are at the risk of being denied exit by the consular at the airport, thereby leaving you with the only option of sleeping in the airport.
The flight would typically depart the next day in the morning and you’ll be in Tunisia before noon (so factor in the travel dates when booking your annual leave).
The same goes for when you’re exiting Tunisia, you would need to spend another night in Cairo before leaving for Lagos, Nigeria the next day.

Prior to now, getting a Tunisia visa was a painful exercise as it meant visiting the embassy in Abuja (thankfully the embassy has partnered with some travel agents to simplify the process). Prices for your visa advisory plus visa fees vary from N80,000 to 120,000, you’ll need to shop around. Your agent would put you through the documents required to ensure you get your visa in good time.
If you however wish to visit the embassy in Abuja, their address is below:
Embassy of Tunisia, Abuja
11 Kainji Cres, Maitama,
Abuja, Nigeria


1. Affordability
Your spending money would go far in Tunisia as 1 Tunis Dinar is 126 naira.
Good food is very cheap, you can eat in a small restaurant for as little as 1,000 naira or a 3 course meal for as little as 6,000 naira.
Accommodation is very affordable too (all based on your taste), hence you can easily ball on a budget.
Moving around is very easy as taxis are incredibly cheap (you would need a level of confidence for this as they speak mostly French or Arabic).
Your spending money would go a long way in Tunisia as earlier stated and that’s a dream come true for any tourist.

2. Greece in Africa
The blue and white terraces in the little town of Sidi Bou Said, on the coast of Tunis looks every inch like the coast of Santorini or Mykonos. With the houses painted beautifully in blue and white, anyone would easily believe you’re in Greece.
Besides the fantastic view of the Mediterranean once you reach the top, you would be treated with sights of artistic, colourful doors.



3. Fascinating sandy beaches
There are more than 10 beaches in Tunisia with a thousand stretches of the Mediterranean sea. The Crystal clear blue water in Tunis, Sousse and Hammamet surely awaits you. There are lots of water sports from parasailing to jet skiing or you can just spend hours lying in the sun and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Breathtaking historical and archaelogical sites
Tunisia is rich with history and relics of ancient civilization.
From the Tunis Carthage, to the Bardo Museum, to the 1st Islamic city, Kairouan where you can find the fourth sacred site of Islam.

In the town of El Djem, you would find the largest amphitheatre in North Africa, and most certainly one of the largest amphitheatres in the world. This magnificent UNESCO structure can hold up to 35,00 spectators, dates back to the 3rd century and was more recently used to film parts of Russel Crowe’s famous Gladiator film.

5. Architecture and the colorful doors
Tunisia would treat your sight to the best architecture, (beautiful infrastructure, zelije walls and colourful doors. This makes Tunisia very ‘instagrammable’ and photographic. Click Click!

6. Medina, Souks and Shopping
Shopping in the souks is a major thing for most Arab countries, and Tunisia doesn’t disappoint either. You would find vendors selling everything from spices, sweets to leather handbags, beautifully handcrafted souvenirs, jewelry and clothes, for reasonably cheap prices, and don’t forget haggling is a necessary part of your shopping experience.

7. Night life
Just like we Nigerians, Tunisians surely do know how to have a good time.
It might be a religious country but the drinking and partying culture in Tunisia is alive and well in many bars and fancy nightclubs, serving up vodka.
I visited on a Monday and the crowd was just arriving at 12 midnight (I had to ask the Minister of Tourism if Tunisians went to work and he said “ Yes, we do after a good night” ..haha).

8. The Sahara
I regrettably didn’t get to visit the Tunisian side of the Sahara desert, having been to Erg Chebbi and Zagora deserts in Morocco, I would have loved to see what the dunes in Tunisia had to say…needless say it would be on our next itinerary to Tunisia.

9. Unbeatable Spa and Wellness – Hammam and Thalasso Spa
Hammams are one of the best things about Arab countries. Hammams in Tunisia are very affordable easily making them one of the cheapest Arab countries to have a hammam spa treatment.
Another awesome thing about most beach side hotels in Tunisia, is the Thalasso swimming pools (water channel directly from the sea).The properties of seawater have beneficial effects on the pores of the skin, hence an awesome skin treatment.
Whether you prefer a pure beach holiday or wandering around monuments from the Roman times, this northernmost African country has it all. It’s time to plan your holiday in Tunisia!

10.BIG NEWS!!!

It’s time to ball on a budget as there is now a subsidised trip to Tunisia from Nov 21st to 28th 2019 -N450,000 per person sharing a room .You need to visit Tunisia because there (call it balling on a budget). If you’ve always dreamt of visiting Tunisia or even travelling any where on a chance, then this trip is for you.

So you made it to the end?
Congratulations as you might just be the lucky winner of a free trip to Tunisia. It’s a GIVEAWAY!!! Yes you read that right!!!
(please note terms and conditions apply).
To win this, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

1. Subscribe to our newsletter
2. Comment on this article, why you should win this trip to Tunisia.
3. Get your friends involved , as the person with most mentions in the comment box wins (up to 3 friends must explain why you should win).
4. It’s important you and your friends have subscribed.
Lucky winner would be announced Monday October 21st 2019
Good luck!!!


Fisayo totally deserves to win a trip to Tunisia as she loves to travel and meet people. As a very adventurous, fun loving lady who inspires her friends to travel round the world, she works very hard and this will be a much needed break for rest and also learn new stuff.

Ayobami Ekwenuke

Fisayo, deserves to win the vacation trip. She is fantastic and will promote NTT brand with her experience.


Fisayo totally deserves to win this trip to Tunisia. She loves to travel and explore new places while inspiring her friends to travel round the world too.
As a very driven career person, this vacation will be a much needed rest period for someone as fun loving as she.

Olamide Olaogun

Fisayo deserves to win the trip to Tunisia. Due to her love for adventures and also connecting with people without borders will simply make her the right choice/candidate for this trip.
Tunisia will be a good place for her to explore and add to her adventure list which has been built over the years,as this will also promote the brand of NTT
The treasure of adventure lies in her.

Kenneth Enekwenchi

I want Fisayo to win this as I’ve told her about the amphitheater of El Jem from my last trip to Tunisia and would want her to see it for herself. She’s also a great travel buddy and very lively person – you can’t but love her company.

Mambo cecile

Dare is the winner@


I believe Fisayo deserves a trip to Tunisia. She is one of the most adventurous persons i have ever met and she loves to explore and have fun.


I totally just had a reset about tunisa,it was never in my bucket list and for this i dont mind balling with this free giveaway to experience the great tunis


You are not going to regret taking Fisayo to The Sahara of Tunisian.
Take it or Live it.


    Subomi would definitely rock Tunisia well. She loves traveling!


      Fisayo loves travelling, fun to be with, very adventurous and always capturing good moments from her travel experience.
      I am sure you will be glad you sponsored her trip to Tunis.


      It is one thing to do a tour giveaway it is another to patronize someone who will market your brand. Fisayo will be your best bet. She is a tour and travel jerk!


    Dami should totally win this giveaway! She’s the best travel blogger and enthusiast I know, when she goes on this trip, I’m sure the world will not rest about NTT


    Fisayo will definitely rock Tunisia….. She deserves to win the trip


Fisayo is stuck in a busy environment . She deserve something exciting and different like that of the Unbeatable Spa and Wellness – Hammam and Thalasso Spa. She love traveling but i’m sure she has never been to Tunisia. So i think she needs to expand her perspective so as to share new experience with the colleague. She’s going to have the sahara and the Night life picture shown on all her Social platforms.
So if you choose her, you chose right. ………………..

Caleb Olatona

Fisayo deserves to win the trip as she love to explore the world and take a break from the norm. The very versatile brand expert, and communication guru. I’m sure she will represent the brand fully or better still to the fullest.


    Emretane Renate deserves this trip, she is adventurous and loves to travel.

    Isaac Odugbesan

    I want to have a breathtaking holiday

      Inaku moses

      Anita deserve to win the the trip to Tunisia because I believe she needs the adventure in her life,hope you chose her..


        I deserve a break. I know we all do but the violent taketh by force. Plus i love traveling and it’ll be a nice birthday gift for me. Never really considered Tunisia so this is good. Pick me! Off to get my friends to subscribe!

Renate Emretane

I love to travel and I haven’t been to Tunisia before, it will be a good opportunity to see the world again on an adventurous trip and I already planned to go on leave that period in November so it’s perfect timing. Most of all I’d create long lasting memories of Tunisia enough to influence another Nigerian to travel.

    Michael Grey

    I want Renate Emretane to win because she had worked so hard and it will be good if she can get a vacation.

    Grace Ohanwusi

    Renate Emretane definitely deserves this trip. As her friend, I know she loves to travel and explore a lot. Tunisia will be no exception as I believe it has beautiful places that would enable her to take a lot of beautiful pictures, create wonderful memories and promote traveling by encouraging others to visit too. She definitely needs this vacation and by the way, she’s a huge of the NTT

    Yemi Offem

    I want Miss Renate Emretane to win this… She makes the best out of every vacation… It’ll be a great content for her travel page and good exposure for her brand. By the way, she’s a hype girl, she will sell NTT like never before… lol…


@Renate Emretane deserves this trip to Tunisia. She loves traveling and meeting new people. She’s also a travel blogger and I believe she would influence other Nigerians to also make the trip.

Michael Grey

I want Renate Emretane to win because she had worked so hard and it will be good if she can get a vacation.

Tobenna okeke

I want Renate Emretane to win because of her love and desire to travel around the world. Her adventurous spirit has birthed a desire to encounter different cultures and people while being captivated by the alluring beauty of the world at tourists sites of attraction which Tunisia has a lot to offer such as the Tunis Carthage, Bardo museum, Dlerba etc. It will be amazing if she can visit all these great places and share her wonderful experience with the whole world.

amina bako

I want my lovely & sweet friend Renate Emretane deserves a vacation & she hasn’t been on a vacation in like forever or should I say never!


This write up is so amazing. I felt like I was in Tunisia reading it.


I would really love to see my friend and sister Renate Emretane win this life time adventure. Growing up, all she talks about is traveling the world and meeting various people from different backgrounds and culture. She also has a travel blog about the few trips she has journeyed and documented. This would be a great opportunity for her to experience Tunisia

Obafemi Otitoola

I look forward to traveling to Tunisia


Ify udechukwu needs this trip… she’s been taking care of everyone else but herself…she deserves a trip away from home and all the noise to unwind.
Please grant her this.


    Dami is a revolutionary in the travels and tourism sector so I believe she should win this


I would really love to travel to Tunisia. I’m an adventurous person who loves totravel and experience new places and cultures. Haven’t travelled to Tunisia before, so this would be an amazing opportunity.


    Anita is beautiful, fun, loving and very adventurous, she deserves to be on this trip


    Anita loves to travel. She needs to be on this trip. Plus she’s a great fan of NTT and has introduced me and several others to NTT.


    Anita is a gem, loves travelling and adding value where ever she goes to. She sure deserves this.


    Anita deserve to winner….she has always wanted to travel please make her dreams come through

    Onda Mark

    Why I want her to travel to Tunisia is because she is a team leader, team work, team player, jovial , easy going , an entrepreneur and a modelling to the core

    Godwin Ella

    She is simply the best.
    Anita is pretty, smart, friendly, gifted and intelligent.
    She loves travelling.


I think i deserve this trip because my 2019 has been a dark one(canceled wedding & death). Buried myself with work, couldn’t even complete my 2019 leave because i feel like there’s no place to go to take the sadness away.
For some unexplainable reason i feel i will “unwind” if i get the chance to visit Tunisia.

Mmeje Chioma

I would really love Angel Oghenekaro to win this trip because she really loves to travel and this would mean a lot to her


Anita really needs a break from her work, you will not regret taking her on board.

otsonu victor

I would want anita ochiba to travel to tanisia, she is really an adventurous and social person,someone who like to travel and get to know new things, plus she hasn’t traveled to Tunisia before


I really want Anita to win this trip to Tunisia. She has been an amazing friend to me this past few weeks. Winning this trip will make her elated!

Adeyi, Oloche David

Anita Ochiba is a travel freak, out of 10 persons I know to love travelling, Anita falls within the first 3, she loves the night stars and fire made around the beach area, singing a grown man to sleep, you’ll never have a dull moment with Anita by your side while travelling.

You deserve this girl.


    It would be a dream come true for me to make this trip due to the below listed reasons
    1. I love travelling and I make it a point of duty to travel every year, within my budget.
    2. I had earlier planned on travelling out of Nigeria for the first time this year as a birthday gift to myself. However, I couldn’t make the trip because the funds I had put together for the trip had to be diverted into rewriting my professional exam.
    3. 2019 has been a very stressful year for me. My house was buggled twice, I was robbed, I failed a very important professional exam, lost my 2.5years relationship amongst other things. Really this trip will be a form of compensation for me.
    I would be more than glad if I could get this.
    Warm Regards.


      Adeola should win this for many reasons. 1. She loves to travel- she is adventurous and social
      2. She is interesting and would add spice to the trip. There’s never a dull moment with her
      3. Her year hasn’t been the best and this would be a reason to smile .
      4. She is an amazing and helpful person, and deserves all the good things life has to offer


    Dami is so a travel geek and freak. She’s jovial, fun to Converse with and learn from. so I believe NTT should take her


      Dami is an enthusiastic and passionate travel s and tours individual. She loves it so much so I believe she is the appropriate person to win this


Angel should win this prize , I’ll tell you why because it’s a win win for the both of you. Angel is a young, passionate and enthusiastic people lover, she would love to explore the world and checkmate activities worldwide. Angel is a beautiful and all round excellent model and would do well with your brand , you could even make her an ambassador! Also taking pictures in those beautiful places you mentioned would be wonderful for her portfolio . Think of her as a travel model. Bless you.


    I have never travelled international by plane before not because I don’t want to, infact I always look forward to it but my finances hasn’t really been the best lately. I have been somewhat depressed lately due to life challenges and I believe this trip will be a perfect getaway to recuperate for awhile and just explore my adventurous side. I will get to meet people, learn a different tribe make connections and help spread the world about your brand. I will really appreciate it I am granted this opportunity.


Yes you do. Super mum, super entrepreneur.

Audu Baba

Anita deserves to win this trip. She’s young, intelligent and very passionate and she’ll represent your agency very well.


I would want Anita Ochiba to travel to Tunisia, she is really an adventurous and social person,someone who love to travel and get to know new things,plus she hasn’t traveled to Tunisia before

Elias Omobolanle Funmilayo

I should win this trip to Tunisia because i love traveling, appreciating nature, meeting new people but can’t afford it for now and if happen to travel i will tell the whole world about it.

    Adegoke Yinka

    She deserves to win this trip to Tunisia. Bola is lovely and always likes to meet new people.

    Olalere Oshin

    Honestly omobolanle funmilayo Elias is the deserve this trip. She loves exploring and travelling is her hobby too. Moreso,she is full of life and energy! I bet you ,you will be glad you did if omobolanle is given this opportunity.


      Elias Omobolanle Funmilayo, really deserves to win this trip

    Engr Makanjuola Ebenezer

    From all indications,Bola Elias should win this competition and be chosen for the trip. Reasons are not fare fetched. She is a women of substance working in a very reputable Company, she has human relations,know a lot of people which is a good ground for this company if she is nominated, she will broadcast her experience to lots and lots of people out there which will eventually publicise the company among many.

    Patrick Bishop Okwuchukwu

    Bola, u really need this trip. Traveling has been part of u.


    Elias Omobolanle Funmilayo really needs to win this trip


    She’s the brightest minds I’ve ever come across, full of life and loves to smile and make everyone happy. She just likes winning, maybe that’s why she’s always happy. With her theres never a dull moment. She’s perfect for this trip.

      Aya Gberikon

      Anita deserves to win because she has a beautiful soul.


        Anita Ochibo deserves this trip because she’s is the most adorable n intelligent Economist one can ever meet. Her trip will tell on people.


    Womiye should win because honestly nobody deserves it more! She is so sweet! So relatable and one of the best girls that a girl could ask for! She deserves a break and to explore Tunisia, and if good things come to good people, this should certainly come to Womiye!!

    Faith Jabai

    I love to tell the African story. Traveling to Tunisia will enable me tell more stories. Tunisia is one country surrounded with assumptions. With me on board, @nigerianstraveltoo will be able to tell african tales and spearhead a new narrative.

    God knows girl needs a break too…

julius adebisi Williams

she is of reputable CHARACTER nd Adventurous

Kayode Samuel Idowu

Elias Omobolanle needs to win the trip to see another beautiful place

Kunle Oguns

Omobolanle Elias needs this journey

Durojaiye Bukola

Bolanle,needs to travel the whole world to be able to appreciate Gods works,to know it doesn’t ends here in Nigeria.


Woow…..this post feels like the CNN Travel interlude “Tunis in 60 secs”. I feel like i know Tunisia and would love to hop on a getaway with madam to the Champagne life on a Zobo Budget Tunisia promises….Lolll. Definitely something to add to my bucket list. Thanks for the mini Adventure

Sonukan Adekunle

Yes Elias Bolanle is a deserving personality as she would sell her unique experience to the world without being pushed. She has the networks.

Tiwalola Olakitan Ogunleye

I want Bola Elias to win this trip because she loves meeting people and adventures.

Ajala Temitayo

i would really love Bolanle Elias to win this trip to Tunisia because she loves to explore and she is an adventurous and socialable person. she is always ready to learn and see new things that will impart her life and others.

Elias Jonathan

Omobola Elias needs this trip

    Adenekan hammed

    Omobolanle Elias deserve to win, bcoz she is good enough for you people, specially Marketing she would do best,

Sunday Adewuyi

Elias Omobolanle should win this trip because she loves traveling and tourism

Akinwande Olajumoke

Elias Omobolanle deserves to win as she will end up promoting your page and goodness


Elias omobolanle Funmilayo deserves to win this

Fabelurin Elizabeth

Elias Omobolanle deserves this free trip because she will represent your business and Nigeria well


    I believe okechukwu deserve this free trip to Tunisia because of the adventure and it will be helpful for is creativity base on our profession (film making) and to use Tunisia for our next project.


Elias Omobolanle need to win this so she see beautiful places

Ummi Shettima

I will love to travel to tunis, i hear the weather is great. Im an orphan who need a break form my sad life right now.


    Dami would totally blow your minds NTT. She is the real deal


It will be my first time outside Nigeria and i will be proud to say my dreams of travelling the world has started before old age hammer me…

okwor philip

omobolanle funmilayo needs to win this free trip


Elias Omobolanle Funmilayo really needs to win this free trip please. She deserves it to enable her unwind after all she has been through. She also loves to see the world and experience her various culture and this platform will help her achieve it too. Thank you


Anita deserves to win this… She’s an awesome person and she loves to explore and I know this would be great for her. She’s a nice person to be around and she is sure fun, you’d be glad to have her on this trip.


Travelling is more than a hobby.. Travelling is a way of life. My people have a saying that a traveler is wiser than an old man who has been no where.
It’s been a good year..it will be better..Let’s breath the Tunisian Air!


    Okechukwu deserves it. He is not just a travel enthusiast but also someone who is worthy of bringing greater returns to your organisation.
    Choosing him as the winner is a win-win for both of you because he is one to extensively and creatively promote your organisation, as well as Tunisia, when sharing his experience.


    Okechukwu is a cool guy, nice to be with, he has worked hard for this opportunity, he deserves to travel out to enable him impact more knowledge I’II be happy if he join the trip to TUNISIA


Okechukwu needs to win this. He deserves this time to unwind.


    Dami deserves to win this NTT. Check her Instagram page vacay gram and just give it to her

Nwabueze Chinyere

Comment*Okechukwu deserves to win this trip as he loves to travel.
Will be a perfect way for him to unwind after a good year.

John Kess

John Kess.
Only Omobolanle Eliase, can engage in this trip most rewarding.


Anita is a goal getter, she so persistent in her work. She really needs this vacation. Be rest assured of your publicity. You won’t regret choosing her.

Okoo Faith

Anita is an amazing personality with an adventurous and fun filled mindset. She loves traveling a lot and exploring new things with the unique creative quality of hers.
I bet you, if you give her this golden opportunity, you will want to make her part of your team and won’t want to let go of her anytime soon!


I’d really love to win because I’ve never traveled outside Nigeria and I’d like to see a new culture and experience a new place as beautiful as Tunisia. It would be so rewarding to win this. Thank you.


Anita is just the one for you guys….. She’s fun and energetic, just what you guys would need for your trip


    Dami should definitely win this. I say this because she knows a lot about traveling but she has only travelled a few times. More opportunities lead to greater experience


      Dami should win this she’s the only one who can bring bring out the creativity in travels

Awoji matthew

I support Anita to win this trip,because she is brilliant, and she has really worked hard for this vacation.


    Dami I have know u to be very to be hard working you deserve a nice trip to relax


Anita deserve this because she is such an amazing personality and very loveable too


Anita is a goal getter,she is very social and I think she needs the adventure in other learn new things


@Adeola deserves to win this trip.
You sure don’t want to miss having her on board for this trip. She’s the life of the party and live to travel the world. She will definitely help publicized the Nigerians Travels too brand. A trial will convince you

Jane edache

Anita is a remarkable person and she likes too travel and explore,I believe if she travels to Tunisia it will be a great adage to her knowledge and personality


Okechukwu deserves to win because he loves traveling and meeting new people

Uju Ogo

This is a much deserved vacation, i will be super excited if i win the free trip

Nanmar Demian

I believe it’s a wonderful experience, and am glad am a part of this Love #DAFAR


I no sabi pesin… I pray I win this…


Anita Ochiba is highly recommended for the trip. She’s multi-talented and unparalleled in etiquette. It’s always a win with her on the team.
Anita for Tunisia.


Okechukwu deserves this trip.. He works hard and barely gets anytime to rest.. He really needs this trip to go relax himself.

Enenche Kenneth

NTT needs to take Anita on this trip. She is your biggest fan. She’s an able representative…she looks like a Tunisian already so NTT, let’s do this!!


Traveling with NTT to Tunisia would be a dream come true to me as I love travelling the world, and also a wise business decision to NTT with my ability to influence people’s travel from my travel blog @vacay_gram because a lot of people even outside Nigeria will want to book this same trip with NTT


    Dami should win this because she loves travelling, nature and changing sceneries. She would totally be the best candidate because she also socializes well


    I know Dami to be a very hard working girl and am sure she will be the best person to go for this trip

    Joshua Zen

    Dami is the main reason why I think about touring the world later in future. So I feel you should let Dami win this.


    Dami deserves this trip because she’s intelligent and has diversified expertise on travelling

    Stephen Fasugba

    Dami was even the one who made me aware that there are beautiful places in Africa to vacate. So Dami for the win

    Praise SA

    Dami should win this because she made me to be able to experience the nice and beautiful attributes of nature in Places in Africa


    It’s a wonderful and beautiful experience. So I believe Dami going would help the public to know more about Tunisia and it’s scenery


    Dami is surely going to win this if all viewers and lovers of her page are here to talk about her. Because she has been such a revelation


    Dami should be the winner for the NTT because ever since have know her she has been so effective


    Dami should win this cause I know her to be very ambitious


    Dami is the next best thing that has happened to me concerning tourism and travelling. So I feel she should win this for her positive influence


    Dami has to be the one to win this cause she is multi talented and fit perfectly for this


Dami is the best person to go on this trip because you will never get anyone as passionate as she is when it comes to travel and tourism.


Wow, Dami should definitely win this one. You won’t be making a mistake I tell you. Because she’s a good investment both financially and socially


Really, Dami will definitely give you a run for your money as she will so rock Tunisia and bring you more customers.


    Dami showed me on your page that Tunisia is Greece in Africa! That’s one new thing I learnt from her through your website. I think she’ll do a lot more of that my going on this Tunisia trip with you guys

Michael Adesola Adenile

I would love to see Womiye Ojo win this trip and go to Tunisia. She will definitely replicate her outstanding characters with a wonderful sense of humor as ever.

Obi Jr.

Womi is the most amorous friend that i have, it is a pleasure to highly recommend her for this opportunity. She is the epitome of a beautiful woman; very generous, passionate, normal and undeniably altruistic. I pray she is favored because she is truly deserving of it. This will be a dream come true for her.

Waheedat danazunmi

I would be so glad if I win this.
Why,because I’ll definitely promote your brand


I would be glad if Dami actually wins this because she’s such a resourceful individual


Dami is perfect for this because she is the go to person for travelling and tourism educating

Ademola Michael Adeniyi

The reason I think I should win this ticket to Tunisia, is to explore the wonderful places in Tunisia. Actually, if I can win this it’ll be my first ever country to visit. As mentioned in your article the places and things in Tunisia, such as the beaches, the colorful doors and so many other things. I’d be happy if I can be given the opportunity to visit Tunisia, and experience the feeling outside Nigeria.
@Michael @Dorcas @Khalil @Steven @Alaba @Bidemi @Adedeji @Martin

Aima Giwa Amu

Womiye needs to win this because she is a hard working, lovely, caring, BEAUTIFUL young lady who needs a break! She gives everything to support her friends, this would be a lovely treat for her


Dami would actually make NTT proud by actually winning this and going on to Tunisia optimizing efficiently this opportunity given to her. The funny thing was I wanted to ask her if she was going to do this when I saw it on Instagram but turns out she already did. Pick Dami NTT and you won’t regret it


I have always known dami since she was a child. She loves travelling and I am sure winning this trip will be more like a dream come true for her.

David abba

Anita, very industrious and talented young lady, she deserves this journey more than anyone i know.


I would like to vote for Womiye, she’s a very caring and charitable individual. She does a lot for her community without expecting anything in return, she deserves a lovely trip to Tunisia.


Go girl you deserve it


You totally deserve this Jemima. I really hope you get this!

Hannah Ugwuka

Jemima needs this trip. She is a super mum and coach she needs a good break. You go girl


you deserve this vacation jemima after all the work load and stress you been through


Fisayo deserves this. She loves to travel and visit new places so this would be an awesome for her

    Quantum effect

    I really think Dami Should win this ticket
    She has a very creative and open mind and a strong passion for learning


Jemima deserves vacation, shes been a good mum and a coach….it hasn’t been easy.

Annie A

I will love for Renate Emretane to win this, she know how to sell travel and will be good for the NTT brand.


You guys should really not sleep on Dami @vacay_gram. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone as wanderlust as her


Dami deserves this! And you won’t regret bringing her on this trip.


Dami is a very good soul and I hope she gets to win this. You guys are doing an amazing work by the way, well done.


Dami should win this because honestly, she loves traveling and she’s already in the tourism and vacation community so she knows all the best ways to put this opportunity to good use


    Dami deserves this trip because I believe she does the most whenever she’s interested in something.


I would be so glad when Dami wins this because. She has been such an inspiration to me whenever we talk about other countries and I’m sure that when she goes on this trip, we’ll have a whole lot more to talk about and she can inspire more people.


    Dami is the best candidate for this giveaway. I hope she wins


Dami should be NTT’s winner for this giveaway because even while telling me about this giveaway she showed me other amazing things you do, apart from just winning this giveaway she’ll be a great person to talk about your brand.


I believe Dami should going on this trip as traveling and sharing her experience while traveling is one of the things she does best. And I think she will make a great addition to the travel group


Anita deserves to win so she can have a fresh a wonderful time relaxing from studying for four years…plus she’s such a good breeding


I just know Dami is the best person to go on this tour, I wish her the best


    Definitely Fisayo, she’s the best person for the trip.


I don’t think anyone deserves this better than dami


Dami should win this trip to Tunisia because travelling is her passion and Tunisia is a great place she should see from all you’ve written about it


Dami deserves this ,she has always been an adventurous girl since when have know her


Dami is passionate about travelling. You should totally check her vacaygram on Instagram


My girl Dami should win this trip because she is really all you want. Beauty, brains, network, and all the necessary soft skills.


Dami has been such an inspiration and revelation to me during our traveling discussions. So Dami should win this totally


dami is the best for this she loves traveling


Dami should win this ticket because I trust her to bring the heat whenever you’re talking about travel and tourism.

Charles Nelson

Dami is an adventurous person and hasn’t been to Tunisia before, so I believe this will be a great option for her


This opportunity is opened for @Fisayo to go for Tunisia trip, Fisayo the lovver of trips.


I have more reason for @Fisayo to travel to Tunisia. she’s one of the biggest fan of NTT that i know! So please let her travel…………..


I am giving you the person that best suit this trips, She loves traveling with great pleasures and experience. And i am pretty sure Medina, souks and shopping would make her experience something unfamiliar and leave her with new skills or knowledge. Her name is Fisayo

Oluwabunmi Olatona

Fisayo deserves this trip because she will record every detail of whatever happen and post through all her social media platform thereby promoting the brand of nigerianstraveltoo. This will come easy for her to do because brand promotion is her profession.


When it comes to a tour, I wanna be like FISAYO. I am sure she is not tired of hearing me say that. May you tour dream come to light. Tunisia all the way.


To the beach front boss, the shopping freak, the Historian FISAYO. Go to Tunisia and bring the good news for us all so we can try that city.


Tunisia is a place I have never imagined will be this beautiful. Please give FISAYO the opportunity, I am sure with her marketing skills, I am joining the next years’ tour to Tunisia.


Fisayo deserves this time out. Miss hard worker. I admire you tenacity always. NTT you all will be shock at the vibes she will contribute if Fisayo is given the opportunity.


Adefisayo deserves to win this trip, I trust her to represent your brand well and make you proud. You will not regret choosing her for the trip.


She has said it all, she is a fan. Fisayo is true to her words. The Marketing guru. She deserves this. I am not sure she has been to Tunisia before.


Fisayo, should be your best pick for a continuous story telling.


Fisayo, I have always told her about the Sahara I see in the movies, I think it is time for her to tell me what she will see in real life. I should plan a trip after she has been given.


Fisayo deserves to win because she loves travelling and meeting people.


Fisayo, queen of the wild wide west. She deserves this Trip. Pls make it happen.


FISAYO, aka worldbest. Lol.
YOu deserve this trip


I could start the trend on SM, I’m sure it will be the the top on chats.
Fisayo to Tunisia
#FisayoInTunisia #Tunisia #FisayointheSahara


This is Dami’s forte and she’s the best candidate for the trip.


anita is a wonderful peronality,she is very social, and she deserve this adventure in her life


#goAnita, NTT you guys need her on your list,please chose


Jemima you deserve this


ANITA is the best candidate for this trip,she is fun to be with and very social, she needs it NTT…..


Womiye is very adventurous, loves to travel and makes friends as easy as eating chocolate (for chocolate lovers). This will be another page in her book of adventures if you let her…she deserves this free trip.

Prince O

Womiye is an outstanding and disciplined young woman that truly deserves this opportunity. She works so hard and she’s always giving back to the community. People like her need blessings like this. I pray she gets this.


Womi deserves to go to Tunisia.

Joseph okopi

Anita is d best candidate for ya, she z a drm chaser and a goal achievers, she is also a team builder and player, she deserves this more than me


My social life is zero. I have not had any social fun or attended any social events since January this year. I am stressed out, bored and depressed. I need this vacation to unwind, refuel and to relax. You will be saving a life if you grant me this trip. Friends please help me win by mentioning my name. May God bless Nigerians Travel Too, may you be like a tree planted by the Riverside.


Take Womiye, you’ll be happy you did. I guarantee it.


Anita Ochiba is your best shot. She’s a model by birth. A quality NTT totally needs

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