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We all have various milestones we celebrate as regards travel, ‘30 countries by 30’, or my all time favourite which comes with no pressure, ‘54 African
countries by 54’. For some of us, it is celebrating continents we’ve visited.

I  visited my 4th and 5th continent this month, and I might have stopped breathing due to excitement (I won’t be here if that actually happened but okay..lol)

Kike is a frequent weekender (mostly solo too) from the U.S.A (Her getaways are
enough to serve as your TGIF reminder).

She hit her 6th continent just a few weeks ago and I was so excited, I just had to have a chat with her. I hope
you’ll enjoy this just as much as I did.

1. How do you plan your weekend getaways?

Kike: Travelling for me generally takes a lot of planning and my flexible
work schedule allows me to plan accordingly (as much as I can). I consider everything from time difference, to the amount of time it takes
to get to my destination, ticket prices, how busy my schedule is prior to that trip, the type of activities I want to do and much more.

2. How do you cope with fatigue, jet lags etc.

Kike: I only take two long trips in a year. Most of my other trips are short, so I mostly don’t have to worry about jetlag. If and when jetlag is an issue, I change my (mental) time zone from the moment I board the
plane to the local time at my destination. So, if it were 9pm at my destination and arrival is scheduled for 6am, I would sleep for about 3-4 hours into the flight. That way, I’d get enough rest to be able to hit the
ground running when I land.

3. How many countries across 6 continents have you been to?

Kike: 44 and counting.

4. What are your most and least favourite countries?

Kike: Thanks to Asia, I don’t have a favourite country. I love Asia!!!
Every single country I’ve been to in Asia feels different, so full of culture,wonderful people and great food! So, my most favourite countries are all
the countries I’ve been to in Asia.
I don’t have a least favourite either. However, because I like to connect with places I visit, the country I felt least connected to was Morocco.

5. How do you stay safe as a solo traveller?

First, I check the Dept of State site for travel alerts. Then, i always enrol with their STEP program, the smart traveler enrollment program, that way, the local embassy/consulate has details of my trip incase of emergency. I try to stay at hotels (I read reviews on a lot of websites to help me choose) because I feel safer when there’s a lot of people around. I mostly to go out during the day and if I have to go out at night, I book night tours so I will be part of a group.
More importantly, being aware of my surroundings is key.

6. Where next?

Stay tuned!!! (Yes we’ll find out on Thursday LOL!)

Just when I thought 6 was enough and no Nigerian would ever want to visit Antarctica; I met Joanne who had hit her 7th continent Antartica!

Read all about it here!!!
This does not only confirm that Nigerian’s travel too (and so should you), it also confirms that there are people willing to go the extra mile to fulfil their
travel dreams- like Kike who mostly makes use of extended weekends to travel or Joanne who visited the 7th Continent (the journey took ..days).

Would you love a continent expedition as opposed to countries only?

Then contact us and let’s plan your expedition for you.

You’ll find yourself travelling from Lagos (Africa) to London (Europe) to Dubai (Middle East) to Thailand (Asia) etc. all in one trip!! (mainly by using stop overs, read more about it here).

Let’s help you make the most of your next vacation by exploring continents.

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