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North and West (Tangier, Chefchaouen, Casablanca and Marrakesh)


South and West

(Agadir, Essaouira, Casablanca and Marrakesh): – Brimming with diversity, Morocco is an ethereal nation that seems mythical. You’ll find open air markets, rugged mountains, deserted beaches, tasty meals, epic landscapes and a warm hospitality.

This overview guide has been created to give you a tour on all that awaits when you visit Morocco with us.

This guide is in 3 parts

Stay: Premium accommodation and lodging choices in Morocco

Eat: Moroccan cuisine to try out

Explore: Things to do & places to go in Morocco.

When you travel with us at NTT, you could either decide to travel to Northern or Western Morocco or South and West Morocco We visit the cities with the best tourist activities and attractions, which are listed below

Western Morocco: Casablanca and Marrakesh

Northern Morocco: Tangier and Chefchaouen

Eastern Morocco: Agadir and Essaouira


Whatever region you choose to stay in Morocco, you can be sure that we’ll only give you the best. We’ve listed some hotels from all of the 6 cities. These hotels would give you a big gulp of luxury accompanied with comfort, fine dining, relaxation and beautiful views.

Hotels in Casablanca

* Le Casablanca Hotel

* Raddidon Blu Hotel, Casablanca City Center

* Hyatt Regency Casablanca

Hotels in Marrakesh

* Mandarin Oriental, Marrakesh

* La Sultana

* Amanjena

Hotels in Tangier

* Dar Nour

* La Maison de Tanger

* Villa Joséphine

Hotels in Chefchaouen

* Dar Eschaouen

* Ryad Lina

* Casa Perleta

Hotels in Agadir

* Labranda Dunes D’or Resort

* Hotel Timoulay and Spa Agadir

* Hotel Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa

Hotels in Essaouira

* Villa Maroc

* Riad Dar Adul

* Dar les Sirènes

* Heure Bleue Palais


A gastronomical treat awaits you when you visit Morocco as Morrocan cuisine ranks high globally due to its interesting flavours, innovative ingredient combinations and their variety of meals.

Here are some meals you must try in Morocco when you visit

  • Tagine

Tagine is one the most popular main courses in Morocco and it’s splendid. It’s a must try when you’re in Morocco. It is a dish of meat and vegetables, slowly cooked in a clay pot. The chicken, lamb, or beef is coated with a myriad of spices and vegetables, the flavours all come together during cooking making it delicious

  • Bissara

Traditionally served for breakfast, Bissara is a rich soup of dried broad beans, olive oil, and cumin. it is usually eaten with fresh bread

  • Makouda

Moroccan street food is legendary and a Makouda is a popular Moroccan street food in Morocco. These deep-fried potato fritters can be eaten on their own, in a sandwich or dipped into spicy harissa sauce.

  • Harira

Rich with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas and lamb, and vegetables, the Harira soup is a well-balanced meal often eaten on its own or with bread for a filling meal. This is soup is common if you visit Morocco during the month of Ramadan

  • Couscous

Couscous is a fine wheat pasta traditionally rolled by hand then steamed with a stew of veggies and meat. Moroccan couscous has a blend of flavours including raisins and other spices.

Morocco is a country of many spices, spice route, so when you visit, get set for a variety of spicy meals.


Morocco is a country of diverse attractions. You’ll find almost anything you want to have a good time from deserted beaches to rugged mountain ranges, ancient cities with epic landscapes and of course warm hospitality.

  • Explore Casablanca

Casablanca brings a fusion of a new-Moorish and art decor architecture here are some places worth visiting in


  1. Visit Mosque Hassan II
  2. Go on a guided tour admiring the art decor architecture
  3. Explore Casablanca markets
  • Explore Marrakesh

Marrakesh is a city of heavy sights and sounds but it’s an enchanting place loved by many. Here are some things to explore in Marrakesh

  1. Visit Marrakesh main square, Djema El Fna for a thrilling time.
  2. Appreciate vintage Morrocan photography at Maison de la Photographie
  3. Stroll around the Jardin Majorelle Garden and cobalt blue house.
  • Explore Tangier

Tangier was formerly one of the Mediterranean’s most cosmopolitan resorts, now there an influx of interring activists springing up around the bay. Here are some things you must do in Tangier

  1. Visit the Kasbah Museum
  2. Go to the Beach Promenade
  3. Visit the architectural landmarks Petit Socco and Grand Socco
  • Explore Chefchaouen

Nestled in Morocco’s Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen is a visually striking city with blue and white (palettes) buildings. The city has a lot to offer and here are some places to explore

  1. Hike in the Rif mountains
  2. Eat at Aladdin Restaurant
  3. Get refreshed at the Ras El-Ma waterfalls
  • Explore Agadir

Agadir has the most beautiful beach resort in Morocco. Golden sand beaches, and maze-like souks where you can shop till you drop and more are what you stand to gain in this city. Some places to explore in Agadir are as follows:

  1. Hit the beach(es)
  2. Relax in a hammam
  3. Visit the architectural landmark, Agadir Oufella
  • Explore Essaouira

Known as Morocco ‘s trendy town, Essaouira is a fascinating place to be with its enormous swathes of golden sand, fresh seafood and spot-on location for windsurfing. Here are some places to explore in Essaouira

  1. Walk through the picturesque Medinas (Sbâa, Bab Marrakech, or Bab Doukhala)
  2. Visit the citadel & city walls
  3. Hang out at the Essaouira beach


1 Passenger – $2,600 per person

2 Passengers – $1,800 per person

3 or more passengers – $1,700 per person


  • Non-Appearance visa
  • International flight
  • Airport transfer
  • Tours
  • 4*, 7 nights’ accommodation
  • Private transport for all road trips
  • 4* resort with breakfast


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This is a guide itinerary and all tours are subject to change due to availability on indicated days or weather.

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