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Seychelles is a dream land, known for their stunning beaches & islands, spectacular plant & animal life and affable locals, all fused together to make a perfect tourist destination.

Seychelles is a country that caters to all kinds of tourists, be it couples or honeymooners, a family holiday vacation, a trip with friends, or even a solocation.

Here at NTT, we’ve created this overview guide to give you a tour on all you stand to enjoy when you travel to Seychelles with us

This guide is in 3 parts

Stay: Premium accommodation and lodging choices at Seychelles

Eat: Exotic Seychelles cuisine to try out

Explore: Things to do & places to go at Seychelles


Seychelles has a wide variety of luxury hotels and islands resorts with world class services. Here are some of the hotels, we’ll lodge you at during your stay

Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa.

This resort offers views from the broad sweep of Beau Vallon Bay; with landscaped gardens and the biggest pool on the island, this resort is a sight to behold. It’s only a few yards from the main beach but it’s also the liveliest area of Mahé.

Carana Beach Hotel

This beach hotel is a contemporary boutique accommodation in the Seychelles, offering affordable luxury in 40 stylish chalets. You also get to overlook a picturesque sandy beach framed by granite boulders.

Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa

This resort feels like a private kingdom. Set beneath the peak of Mont Dauban, with a palm-fringed beach.


As beautiful as the islands of Seychelles are, with flavours inspired from French, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. Seychelles food (Creole or Seychellois cuisine)

Covering all the flavors on the taste spectrum i.e., sweet, tangy, and spicy, here are a few Creole cuisines of Seychelles and local specials you must try on your exotic island holiday.

Grilled Fish

Grilled Fish should be your topmost priority while trying dishes from the Seychelles cuisine. As an island country, the taste of the grilled fish there is unparalleled. Their grilled fish is tasty and full of flavours.

Breadfruits chips

Breadfruits are a tropical fruit which is abundantly available on the island. The Creole people make Breadfruit chips, which are lightly salted fried chips, a popular snack of the island people. Munch on the snacky delight while you are sightseeing.

Caris Masala

If you love Indian food flavours, Seychelles cuisine consists of Caris Masala. Caris Masala is a Creole version of Indian vegetarian and Seychelles curry made with an eclectic mix of veggies and a combination of spices like fenugreek, saffron, cumin, cloves, and coriander.


You can enjoy a healthy salad like Satini along with your meal. The traditional Satini is made with the finely grated ingredients like unripe fruits. For non-vegetarians, Santini is made with shark meat or fish. The salad is usually savoured with main course dishes.


Ladob is a creamy and soft Seychelles dessert made with either bananas or sweet potato and coconut milk. The fruit is cooked in coconut milk and sugar and flavoured with nutmeg, cinnamon, and fresh vanilla. It’s yummy and you’d probably ask for a second serving.

If you’re adventurous with food, Seychelles has a couple of out-of-the-norm food choices, if you want to surprise your taste buds and go beyond mainstream chicken, fish and beef, you could try something new to surprise your taste buds.

The Octopus Curry is one of the most famous traditional meals you can eat in Seychelles. The locals are in love with the dish and so are the tourists.

Rousettes is another dish on the menu at a local deli or a restaurant, Rousettes means ‘fruit bat curry’ It is another bizarre Seychelles local food delicacy on the menu that is eaten and loved by locals.

In Seychelles, there is an abundance of tropical fruits growing on the island. Mango, avocado, papaya, star fruit, and indigenous breadfruit. Once you have tasted breadfruit, you will return to the island just for the fruit. The best part is fruits come cheap and are readily available.

Best Places for Food in Seychelles

If you are in search of places to try out the exotic food of Seychelles, you have a couple of dining options some of which are:

  1. La Grande Maison

Location – La Plaine St. André, East Coast Road, Au Cap

Best meals- Creole Bouillabaisse, Flamed Shrimps, Rum Cocktails

  1. Mimi’s Cafe

Location – Grande Anse, La Digue Island SZ248

Best meal – Smoked Fish Salad

  1. Chez Jules

Location – Anse Banane, La Digue Island

Best Meal – Octopus Curry, Fish Fritters, Fruit Bat Curry


Seychelles is a magical place with breath-taking views, lush islands and couple of great hangout spots. Don’t miss out on this heavenly place by being confined to your hotel room as there a couple of things to explore during you leave stay

Visit Adabra Atoll: Stretching at over 20 miles in length, this UNESCO Site is one of the largest raised coral atolls in the world. It’s considered the original habitat of the giant land tortoise too. The atoll requires a special permit to visit.

Climb Morne Blanc: Located in Morne Seychellois National Park, this is a challenging but fun hike that takes you through tea plantations till you finish off at a panoramic view spot above the island. For an even better experience, visit in the morning to beat the clouds. It takes less than an hour to climb.

Explore Vallee de Mai: This is a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site on Praslin. It is home to a stunning array of flora and fauna, including the rare Coco de Mer (sea coconut), which can only be found in two places in the world. You can also see several varieties of latanier palms and screw pine.

Relax on the beach: The beaches in Seychelles are uncrowded, and void of any structures. They are beach heaven and a perfect place to unwind and find some tranquillity.  The water is clear and warm so it’s always a great place to go swimming or snorkelling.

Play some games: After lounging on the beach, you might want to be a bit active. Why not play games? If you’re up for some recreational activities m. You could play golf, squash, kayaking, badminton, tennis, or go hiking.

Explore Cousin Island

This island is whimsical, The Cousin Island is just over a mile southwest of Praslin, it is a protected nature reserve. The native bird population here exceeds 300,000! It was opened in 1968 just to preserve the bird populations, making it a conservation centre. Walk through the thick forest and check out all the different bird species.

Hike Nid d’Aigle

This hike is a fantastic way to spend a day. The sweeping views of La Digue and of the neighbouring islands are spectacular. It’s a 4km hike with 333m of elevation. The hike is completed in about 2 hours. Aim to hike in the morning before it gets too hot.

Check out the Natural History Museum

Take a break from the beaches and visit the Natural History Museum in Victoria. It’s small but worth a stop if you’d like to learn a thing or two about the island’s wildlife and geology. The museum highlights all the flora and fauna on the island and there are also exhibitions on the island’s military


1 Passenger – $1,900 per person

2 Passengers – $1,660 per person

3 or more passengers – $1,580 per person


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This is a guide itinerary and all tours are subject to change due to availability on indicated days or weather.

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