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Tunisia is famous for its beautiful towns built around an ancient Medina quarter, towered over by minarets and looking out over the Mediterranean. From sand dunes to broad sweeps over the beach and great ancient ruins, Tunisia has some of the best architecture in North Africa.

We’ve created this overview guide to give you a tour on all you stand to enjoy when you travel to Tunisia with us

This guide is in 3 parts

Stay: Premium accommodation and lodging choices in Tunisia

Eat: Tunisian cuisine to try out in Tunisia

Explore: Things to do & places to go in Tunisia

Tunisia is a large country and it would be impossible to go everywhere. Hence, we’ll be focusing on three regions: Tunis, Hammamet and Sousee


Hotels to stay in Tunis

  • Four Seasons Hotel Tunis

This beachfront hotel sits just outside the city on the Gulf of Tunis. From here you’re in easy reach of the city’s central business district and other tourist attractions. The hotel exhibits Arabesque architecture amid gardens looking out to sea.

The hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool, a hammam and spa, two tennis courts and a collection of restaurants and bars focusing on Mediterranean flavors.

  • The Residence Tunis

Also located on the Gulf of Tunis, The Residence Tunis benefits from proximity to the city and views over the water from these glistening shores. The hotel fuses Arab-Andalusian heritage with modern luxury. Rooms have either a pool, garden or sea view and later you can retreat to the sprawling thalasso spa

  • Mövenpick hotel du lac

Staying at this Mövenpick hotel places you in the picturesque Berges du Lac business district on the banks of Lake Tunis. This means you’re within easy reach of the airport, coastal towns and city sights. The hotel has a contemporary design with plush rooms with uninterrupted lake views and a restaurant offering grilled and live-cooked cuisine.

Hotels to stay in Hammamet

  • Sentido Phenicia.

This hotel is surrounded by luxury and one look at the pool will highlight why. It’s not a standard, rectangular resort pool, it’s curved, surrounded by rocks, palm trees and everything else that defines luxury.

There is also a golf course on the grounds, while the sea is stone throw. The rooms are tastefully furnished and several activities suited to everyone – football, darts, even salsa.

  • Iberostar Averroes

The entire vibe of Iberostar Averroes is one of sophistication. The decor in the rooms are completely above hotel standard, while even the chefs appear to go the extra mile with their presentation of the food.

This is one of the best hotels in the area. Being also situated next to the beach just adds to the charm.

  • La Badira

This hotel is luxurious and utterly romantic making it a perfect place for couples on their honeymoon, or a lovers getaway looking for romance, the amorous touch is the infinity pool.

All of the suites are fancily decked out with some boasting of their own hot tubs. The staff are also highly attentive and will service all your needs.

Hotels to stay in Sousse

  • Sousse Pearl Marriott Resort & Spa

Sousse Pearl Marriott Resort & Spa offers luxury accommodation, free private parking, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness centre. Among the various facilities of this property are a bar, a garden and a private beach area. This hotel is charming, beautiful, serves good breakfast and it’s good for couples.

  • Riadh Palms (For Family & Couples only)

Set among palm trees next to one of Tunisia’s most beautiful Blue Flag beaches, the Riadh Palms provides comfortable accommodation with modern facilities in the centre of Sousse. The rooms and suites are cosy with all modern facilities. Make the most of the serenity Spa, which boasts of a sauna, massage and a fitness room.

  • Occidental Sousse Marhaba

Set in Sousse, 400 metres from Las Vegas Beach, Occidental Sousse Marhaba is a 4-star hotel, the property features an indoor pool, evening entertainment and a 24-hour front desk. Guests at Occidental Sousse Marhaba can enjoy a buffet breakfast. The accommodation offers a children’s playground. You can play table tennis, darts, and mini-golf at the Occidental Sousse Marhaba.


Tunisia’s cuisine has a deep and rich history, built on the foundation of fused iconic flavors from Mediterranean, North African, and European cuisines.

Here are some Tunisian delicacies you have to try out during your stay:

  • Couscous

Couscous is known for being originally a Berber dish that first appeared in the countries of Maghreb. It then quickly became one of the most versatile and consumed dishes in North Africa including Tunisia

Natives often eat Tunisian couscous multiple times a week; and it is prepared with lamb chops, chickpeas, tomato sauce, and spices. Lamb is sometimes replaced with chicken or beef.

Cooking Couscous symbolizes happiness and abundance in North African traditions.

  • Ojja

This delicious tomato and egg dish is a popular Tunisian breakfast that is also eaten across North Africa. The tomato sauce is flavoured with garlic, chili peppers, and spices, and the eggs are poached.

It is usually served in a skillet or with spiced meat and vegetables.

  • Borek

Present in most Tunisian kitchens, Borek is a beloved appetizer that is served as an appetizer with a variety of main meals. It can be fried or baked, and is a great ‘grab and go’ food that you can snack on during your tours around Tunisia

Borek is a thin dough that becomes crispy once fried or baked. It is then stuffed with parsley, cheese, minced meat, finely diced onion, tuna, minced and eggs.

  • Tajine (Tunisian frittata)

Tajine is very similar to an Italian frittata. It has an egg base, and it is cooked with parsley, onion, cheese, turmeric, harissa, olives, and meats like diced chicken breast, minced meat, or chopped liver.

This is another popular meal in Tunisia. It can be served either as a side dish or as a main meal. The major difference in the Tunisian tajine is the use of spices, which elevate the flavours.


Explore Tunis

Tunis is an easy-going capital city, which makes for a perfect introduction to Tunisia before setting off to explore the country further. Here are some places to explore in Tunis:

  • Explore the ruins of Carthage

Soak up history at the remnants of ancient Carthage, the maritime city of the Phoenicians lies scattered across the Bay of Tunis.

Walk on the piles of marble rubble that are bordered by a panorama of the Mediterranean Sea; don’t skip the views across the entire area from the top of Byrsa Hill.

  • Take a day trip to Sidi Bou Said

The gorgeous seaside neighbourhood of Sidi Bou Said owes its fame to three young painters. They captured the beauty of its whitewashed buildings and blue doors on canvas. Get beguiled by the perfect white & blue streets, cliffside cafés, and a “postcard perfect “shoreline.

This is a place made for idle strolling, trinket shopping, or sitting back with a coffee simply soaking up the scenery.

  • National Bardo Museum

Resident in this palace museum is one of the world’s three most renowned mosaic art collections. Room after room exhibits intricate but glorious examples of mosaic art that have been unearthed from sites across the entirety of Tunisia

The Sousse Room, Odysseus Room, and Dougga Room are the highlights of the museum with their well-preserved mosaic floorings; the entire collection is worth browsing.

Explore Hammamet

Hammamet has a wonderfully quaint location, with sandy beaches and pretty, well-preserved areas of interest. The town is a gentle introduction to the culture and traditions of North Africa.

  • Hammamet Cultural Centre (Villa Sebastian)

In Hammamet’s southern hotel zone, the Cultural Center is housed in the sumptuous Villa Sebastian. The villa is open for visitors to walk through and admire the architecture, as well as visit the contemporary art exhibitions on site.

The beautiful villa gardens host the Hammamet International Festival of Music and Drama every July and August, Hammamet’s biggest annual event. If you’re in town at this time, don’t miss it.

  • Visit the Medina

Hammamet’s maze of narrow and winding lanes within the town’s medina (old town) hosts a wealth of well-preserved (walls since the 15th century) traditional Tunisian architecture.

Even in summer, the medina remains cool and shady, making an exploration here a pleasant respite from the harsh sun. It’s also a good place to shop, with local embroidery, ceramics, leather goods, and carpets all on display, though wares tend to be on the pricey within the medina shops.

  • Kelibia

One of the best day trips from Hammamet is to the small town of Kelibia, the city is crowned by a fortress on a 150-meter cliff looming over the town.

The thick fortress walls have been excellently preserved, and if you climb up into the bastions, you’ll be rewarded with magnificent views across the Mediterranean.

Explore Sousse

  • Have fun at the Sousse beach

The Sousse Beach is a popular swimming spot for locals and visitors alike due to its close proximity to many downtown hotels, bars, and restaurants. You can have a picnic at the seafront in the summer with your family or travel buddy. There is also security on the beach

  • Explore Ancient Culture at the Ribat of Mousse

Don’t get lost in the labyrinth of Old City walls, head up the 1988 World Heritage Center at the Ribat of Sousse for some of the best ancient ruins in Tunisia.

Entry into the Ribat also includes the catacombs and museum, which avails you the opportunity to learn more about the long cultural history of Sousse.

  • Visit Kasbah

The Kasbah was built and extended around the tower in the 11th century and took over the military role of Sousse’s Ribat. The building contains the Sousse Archaeological Museum, so you can admire its architecture while touring the exhibits.

The Kasbah’s topmost platform is 50 meters above that of the Ribat, making it one of the best places to visit to get the views of the old town


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