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Located in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a perfect holiday destination known for having several islands, fringes of tropical forest, spectacular coral reefs and white sandy beaches and glimmering blue water.

Maldives is properly suited for a romantic getaway but the paradise nation is frequently visited for a family vacation, making it a great place for all tourists.

There are about 200 inhabitable islands in Maldives, and wherever your eyes go, beauty follows.

At NTT, we’ve created this overview guide to give you a tour on all you stand to enjoy when you travel to Maldives with us

This guide is in 3 parts

Stay: Premium accommodation and lodging choices at Maldives

Eat: Exotic Maldivian cuisine to try out

Explore: Things to do & places to go at Maldives


Here are some luxury resorts and hotels to stay in Maldives:


Acqua Blu Rasdhoo

Acqua Blu Rasdhoo is a sweet little heaven in the Rasdu area which has its own private beach. It’s perfect for people who love water sports. Guests can enjoy various water activities including snorkelling, kayaking, and diving. A special offering in this resort is that they have a baby-sitting facility and a gift shop too for souvenirs.


Beach Villa Ukulhas

Typically covered on foot in about 20 minutes, Ukulhas is one of the best islands in Maldives. Beach Villa Ukulhas is a small guesthouse and villa with a private beach. This island is relatively new, hence you will find less tourists, so it’s a great place for those who want a quiet vacation. However, the quality of food, and the experience is still premium. You can snorkel in the nearby beaches and enjoy the marine life with little to no disturbance

Here’s a little secret: Their delicious breakfast and barbecue dinner are delicious.


Banyan Villa Maldives

This villa is an island getaway that will leave you amazed and relaxed at the same time. The place is small but serene & pretty with a lush tropical garden where Breakfast and other meals are served.

The Bikini beach is just 3 minutes away from the property and beach dinners can be arranged on request.


Soneva Jani

Soneva Jani is a gorgeous tropical accommodation is situated at Medhufaru island, in a sizable, pristine lagoon within Noonu Atoll. Every room in the villa is stylishly and tastefully designed Soneva Jani is luxury at its finest as there’s a private wine cellar; guests also have a wide range of dining options as well as access to complimentary chocolate, cheese and ice cream rooms.


Maldives is an island nation, so it’s no surprise that fish is their most important staple. Maldivian cuisine found is a mix of Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan and Oriental influences.  However, the resorts in Maldives serve diverse international menus, so it’s entirely possible to eat your way around the world while staying at one of the luxury resorts.


Popular dishes include:

Here are some Maldivian meals worth trying:


Mas Huni (Shredded smoked Tuna)

This is considered the most popular breakfast meal in the country. It’s a shredded smoked fish with grated coconuts, lemon and onions. It is eaten with chapati bread called Roshi.



This is a fragrant fish soup that is usually cooked using fish, water and salt. It is served with rice, chili, lime and onions.


Fihunu mas:

This is an exquisite seafood dish. Fihunu mas is barbecued fish that has been basted with chili.


Boshi Mashuni:

This is a mixture of crunchy, shredded banana flowers and fresh coconut. It also consists of curry leaves, turmeric and CC giving it a delightful flavour, Maldivian chilli and spices are seldom uses to give it a tangy twist.


Pastries and snacks are also prominent in Maldives some of which are:

  • bajiya: pastry that is stuffed with fish, coconuts and onion.
  • gulha: pastry balls that are stuffed with smoked fish.
  • keemia: deep fried fish rolls.
  • kulhi boakiba: a spicy fish cake.
  • masroshi: mas huni that has been wrapped in roshi bread and is then baked.
  • thelui mas: fried fish cooked with chili and garlic.


In Maldives, it is best to stick with bottled water. In addition, Locals do not drink alcohol and it is banned in most islands but it is available in some resorts as they prefer to drink kalhu sai (black tea) or kiru sai (milk tea)


Places to eat

The Sea House Maldives, Boduthakurufaanu Magu

Crystal Sands, Maafushi

Iberry Café, Hulhumale

Thai Wok Restaurant


Things to do & places to go


Visit the Tsunami Monument, Male

The beautiful structure known as the Tsunami Monument was constructed in memory of the lives lost in the devastating Tsunami in 2004. This monument consists of a small cylinder with encircling spheres, it’s a popular attraction and a must-visit place in Maldives. After your visit, you could also surf at the nearby beach


National Museum

After washing the sand off your hair make it a point to know a thing or two about this heavenly place. Visit the National Museum in Male. Its large collection of unique artifacts traces the history of the Maldives Islands as far back as the 11th century.


The Banana Reef

For diving enthusiasts, Banana Reef is the ultimate diving destination. The name is gotten from its unique banana-like shape; Banana Reef, houses some of the best diving institutes as well as sites. Snorkel or Scuba dive in the Banana Reef, have a peek underwater, and you shall be treated to some of the most exotic marine life in Maldives.


Majidhee Magu

For lovers of street shopping, At Majidhee Magu in Male, you can find anything and everything in this popular shopping street. From garments to watches, handbags, cosmetics and even electronics. If you love handcrafted stuff, you can find a lot there.


Utheemu Ganduvaru

Maldives is not only about beaches and resorts. The small island of Utheemu in northern Maldives is an excellent cultural heritage site. It is the birthplace of Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu, who was instrumental in freeing Maldives from the Portuguese.


Other things you should look forward to doing in Maldives:

  1. Island hopping: Though Maldives has over 200 islands, try to visit as many as you can as each island is special in its own way
  2. Sleep underwater: some resorts have glass enclosure facilities
  3. Go for a submarine ride
  4. Visit the glow in the dark beach
  5. Go for a massage
  6. Cruise at Sunset


1px $3,000

2px $2,700 PER PERSON

4px $2600 PER PERSON


  • International flight
  • Speed boat transfer
  • 5 nights half-board – 4* resort


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This is a guide itinerary and all tours are subject to change due to availability on indicated days or weather.

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