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As a mother of non-identical but ‘look alike’ twin girls, I get excited when I see twins travelling. I always have a dozen thoughts in my head
about the excitement of travelling with doppelganger. You don’t have to get a tripod or beg the passer-by to help with a picture either.

The most exciting part for me is the dress up. It’s very important to me to buy same for my girls when travelling because I want people to
automatically see them as twins (just because I enjoy the attention, don’t judge me). Afterall , I’m not the one who has to smile 50 times a day.
As young as they are (4), they already have strong personalities even about destinations and we’ve had to create a list for each person. One really wants to visit Poland and her twin sis wants to visit Disneyland,
Paris. I hear them trying to win each other over and even offer bribes to buy each other over.

I really wanted to know if the situation is the same with grown up twins and @mondetripping has helped put us out of this misery with this interview.
Thank you so much for agreeing to do this.

1.How often do you travel together?
We take a lot of trips together. Just about every other month.

2.Have you ever travelled without her (not work related), if yes
did you feel guilty?

Yes, we’ve each taken trips without each other for various reasons: study, trips with significant others, trips with charitable organizations
each is involved in, and trips with our own friends (We have a lot of mutual friends but we also have our separate friends too) . There isn’t really any guilt because of the nature of the trip and company we are
traveling with. If either of us goes somewhere that we know the other would like, we’d plan a trip to go back. For Example, I studied abroad in France and years later, we decided to tour France mainly because of my
amazing experience there.

3. How do you select your destinations or better still how do you settle for a destination?

We have very similar travel interests.
We love to be immersed in the local culture – cuisine, nightlife, music, meeting locals, etc. We both love museums, beaches, art, shopping,warm weather, and we are generally very adventurous in our travel.
Because of this, picking a place to travel is really easy. Either of us suggests a place and the other is usually game. We research separately and then decide if we want to do it or pick somewhere else.
(I’ll have to ask my girls to go do their individual research
and come for a presentation, LOL)

4. Do you intentionally dress alike whenever you travel?

We actually don’t like to dress alike!
We hated it as kids because of all the attention it brought. So we
intentionally pick our outfits just to make sure they are different. Being identical twins, dressing differently doesn’t help much, people still stare
a lot.

5.Who is most likely to get lost on a trip?

Hmm Neither! We are pretty savvy and long term travellers, great with directions and reading maps. We know when to ask for directions! We
took our first trip in 2001 – spent 3 weeks in Brazil before the days of Google maps and other interactive maps and we survived.

6. Have you ever uploaded your twin’s picture on IG as you just
because you couldn’t be bothered (it’s still you isn’t it LOL).

No. I usually disclose when it’s my twin because I enjoy taking shots of her when we travel. It’s like I’m behind the camera AND also in the photo. A human tripod!  Plus she’s a better poser than me.

7. Have you got any story of travel perks you may have
received just because you’re twins?

Omg are you guys twins???!! If we had a naira, dollar or pound for how many times we hear that, we’d be very rich! We’ve had a BLAST traveling
together. As much as we sometimes hate the attention, it’s still a lot of fun. We would get into clubs for free, get invited to events with VIP
access, complementary food and drinks at restaurants, and met some celebrities whom I won’t mention:). We have lots of fun stories from being constantly stopped in Thailand so locals could take pictures with us, or repeatedly being called “ibeji! ” on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, or being invited to aprivate supper club by an Italian restaurant owner in Florence, upgrades to hotel suites and business class flights, marriage proposals for both of us together (ha!) and more.

We’ve been blessed and it’s been an amazing travel journey with many more to come! Watch our adventures at @mondetripping.

This might be the perfect time to start wishing for a twin sibbling or you could start stuffing on those yams for twins fertility (you won’t want your children to miss out on these twin perks..Lol.



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