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It’s the Morocco season, and most travel related pages you turn to on social media these days has some ‘visit Morocco’ inspiration.

This isn’t however your regular love letter about how beautiful Morocco is. It is an informative post about where to go to in Morocco and how to get there while visiting places that would be worth your while .

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Africans Awoo!!


This is visa free for major passport holders (Europe/U.S.A,ETC ). For Nigerians living abroad, the visa process is pretty easy and affordable.

For Nigerians in Nigeria, the visa struggle is very real , probably ‘realer’ than getting a visa to the U.S. For this reason, I’ll recommend you purchase a visa from an agent (some may come with certain conditions while others may not). Prices vary as agents charge differently so finding the best bargain is key.


The local flyer to Morocco from Nigeria is Royal Air Maroc, and it would get you to Casablanca in Morocco. Prices vary from season to season, but it usually ranges from N280,000 -N350,000.

The flights prices in other parts of the world, determined by distance, season and airport choice in Morocco.

Europe enjoys more flights connection than any parts of the world, flights could be as cheap as £20 one way from London ( on  budget air), so they key is to use all price comparison site for all the twenty something airport in Morocco.


  • Car hire – Roads in major cities are well labelled in English/French/Arabic, so if eligible please hire one (this might be your cheapest means if you’re visiting several cities).
  • Trains – Major cities are well connected by trains (ONCF TRAIN) from North to West , you would however need to connect West to South by bus (SUPRATOURS).

If you however get agitated easily, language barriers might frustrate you, so you best options  (more expensive) would be 

  • Connect cities by flights, Morocco has 20 airports including major cities discussed below – Tangier, Fez, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Essaouira, and Agadir.  Ouarzarzate and Erachidda for the Sahara (ROYAL AIR MAROC)  . I must however warn you, the flight times are not the most convenient.
  • Hire a Driver–  This option is killing two birds with one stone, a guide and a driver in one to help with a stress free journey. Transportation is one of the major sources of jobs in Morocco and so you can’t get a shortage of drivers, just search online , strike a conversation and book one. If you are however worried about safety, then I’ll recommend you search through Morocco’s tourism board.



You can carve out a million itineraries from Morocco and still not be done exploring. The country was created for adventurous travellers with a bit of everything: Beach, Mountains, Desert, Waterfalls and it’s unique cities.

I’ve put together six options for your exploration on a geographical basis as well as travel time feasibility.

Option 1
Exploring North/NW only

Your major cities and point of interests  here are: Beaches (Tangier and Tetouan), Fez, Ifrane, Chefchaouen (The blue city), Akchour water falls and Rift mountains.

From Casablanca airport, you can either use a private transport (car hire, taxi, driver hire) or a public transport to Fez (3 to 4 hours).

Fez is the cultural capital of Morocco and is famous for it’s maze-like streets of the Medina (Fes el Bali). Fez is also the quickest city to the Erg Chebbi sand dunes in Merzouga.

From Fez you could take a 1hr taxi ride to Ifrane (You’d really think you’re in Switzerland but aside this, there isn’t much to see here).

Your next city from Fez should be Chefcahouen (the blue city), this could either be a day trip or you could stay the night if you wish to continue to Tangier and Tetoutan. A Rift mountain or Akchour valley exploration could be fitted in this leg of your journey.

To connect Casablanca airport for your return leg to Lagos, you could either use the direct train Tangier to Casablanca (4-5 hours), Bus, car hire or a private transfer.

Option 2
Exploring the North and West

I didn’t think you would be in a hurry to exit Morocco after exploring only the North so here are your major cities for exploration in the West: Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakesh.

Start by exploring Rabat or Casablanca (depending on where you’re connecting from in the North). The next major city in the west is Marrakesh, which is pretty much the capital of tourism.

You could connect this city from Casablanca through the same means as discussed above. The journey time is approximately 3-4 hours by road or train.

Other things to consider in the west are the Atlas mountain, Sahara desert (Agafay, Zagora, Erg Chigaga or Erg Chebbi), Ouzoud waterfalls and Ourika Valley and Waterfalls.


An example of this option is our City and Desert Morocco taking place March 21st to 28th which will explore North West (Fez and Chefchaouen) and West (Casablanca, Marrakesh and Zagora desert). Click here for more information.

 Option 3- West / South East

If you choose not to explore anywhere in the North or South, you can begin by touring Casablanca and Rabat before heading to Marrakesh .

This itinerary is suitable for people who want to explore mainly Marrakesh, the deserts and waterfalls.

An example of this is the tour we coordinated for AbayTours, click here to read all about it.

Option 4
Exploring West and South

Your major cities in the South are Essaouira and Agadir, both 3 hours from Marrakesh. To connect directly from Casablanca, flying would be recommended because of the long time spent on the road journey (6-7 hours). The cities on this side of Morocco are beach cities and are the only places Argan oil grows.

You could also visit Paradise valley (blue pool)-1 hour from Agadir , you’ll come across little fun villages on your way.

An example of this itinerary can be found here

Option 5- Exploring South only

Fly into Agadir or Essaouira from Casablanca if these cities are the only ones you’re interested in. As stated earlier, road journey is not advisable.

Agadir is famous for it’s tranquil beaches, white washed buildings and beautiful views from the Agadir Oufella. It’s a modern city with easy transport, amazing night life and day time activities.

Essaouira on the other side, has got one of the most windy beaches you might ever visit. It however gained its popularity from being a set location for the renowned Game of thrones series.  At this point, I should warn you to get ready for the pungent fish smell in the port. However, on the brighter side, you’ll get to see the goats on the Argan tree.

Option 6 – North to South or vice versa

If you’re brave enough, with adequate time in Morocco , then you could start your journey in Tangier and end it in Agadir or begin in Agadir and end in Tangier. This would involve some nomadic living and you’ll probably need to allocate a day or 2 in each city (dependent on the total time you have to spend in Morocco).

We embarked on a similar journey during our Morocco like a pro tour(read about it here), and we won’t recommend the journey unless you’re spending at least 20 days in Morocco.


A perfect trip to Morocco requires at least 7 nights and 8 days, this will allow you experience one of the deserts, a water fall and at least 2 cities. It’s important to leave breaks in between your itinerary for rest, because the drive could get long and tiring. It is also helpful to make Marrakesh your refuge point when combining a trip from the North of Morocco to the South.
If you need us to curate a stress free travel itinerary for you, which would allow you explore Morocco right,please feel free to contact us; info@nigerianstraveltoo.com.


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