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In 2020, a phenomenal dream was conceived by our founder, Elizabeth Agboola. In partnership with the Jamaican High commission in Nigeria, the dream came to fruition under the Naijamaica project. Hence, the first direct flight from Nigeria to the Caribbean, Jamaica specifically. It took months of planning and our team worked effortlessly to make this dream come true- lots of sleepless nights to be honest 🙁
It really was an amazing journey which was made even better through the help of everyone who also believed in us and bought packages/ flights. (We love you guys)

SO Lets get to the trip 😉


Some zealous people (No shade) had packed up about a month before the trip, in anticipation and really that’s the energy we are here for this 2021.
We had an amazing, stress free, eleven hour flight, after which we arrived at Montego Bay. We were well received  by the Jamaicans as  a cultural group was already dancing and singing as we walked in like royalty.🤗😍

We arrived at Montego Bay airport around 11pm and our buses were already waiting to take us in. We went to our hotels  (Deja resort, Royalton blue waters, Riu palace) soon after as we were already pretty exhausted from the trip.

DAY 2: RAFTING AT Martha Brae💃💃
Our first adventure in Jamaica was rafting at the Martha Brae river. But we launched the day with our first breakfast in our ALL INCLUSIVE resorts. (Hello dumplings, Escovitch fish, Ackee and saltfish)


Hotel Chilling

Later in the afternoon, we headed for Martha Brae. Martha Brae is  in a parish called Trelawny. 
Upon arrival, we had to observe the Covid 19 safety protocols- wear our masks, sanitize along with temperature checks.

Soon, it was time to raft for a duration of 45 mins to an hour. Each raft had a rafting captain who told us about the origin of Rafting in Jamaica, how there were no wild animals in the forests or the water.

So as expected, we sat back and relaxed in our personal rafts as our captain took us through the Martha Brae River located in the parish of Trelawny (birthplace of sprinter Usain Bolt).

Oh! Of course, we had life jackets and took some pictures for the gram.

Fun fact: One of our accommodation- Deja resort was situated very closely to Usain Bolt’s restaurant ‘Tracks and Records’.

Anyway, we were excited to visit the famous Bob Marley Museum where we would learn about Bob Marley’s life, history and philosophy of his music. It was something we were all longing for.


The Bob Marley Museum is the former residence and studio of the legendary reggae singer, Bob Marley. It is located in the country’s capital, Kingston and was Marley’s home until his death. 

According to our guide who took us round, (We had to split into different groups) Bob Marley’s wife- Rita was hardly in their house as it was majorly Bob’s Music haven with other musicians,

The tour showed a very personal view of Bob Marley’s life, and the history and philosophy of his music. We also got to see his actual room, guitar and clothes. It was really an honor. We also had the opportunity of shopping for Bob Marley Merchandise at the museum. 
 Oh! the chicken wrap we had to eat was to die for.

PS: There were no photos allowed inside the home.😍


Getting that chicken wrap 😉

On our way back to the hotel, we did a quick stop at Devon House for one of the world’s best renounced ice cream 😍😍

Day 4!!!Our tour bus and driver arrived promptly, just before our scheduled pick up time in a lovely air-conditioned, private tour van. It was a lovely trip to the Appleton rum Estate, YS falls and pelican bar.

For clarity- these tours were optional and so some people decided to take the day off and chill at their hotels (somewhere on the beach having free rum and spicy jerk chicken – remember we said the resorts were all inclusive)

Okay back to the tour.
It was a bit of a long ride, but we were thoroughly entertained the whole time with good conversations and the beautiful views along the way.😁😁Our First stop was at Appleton Estate, where the finest rums in the world have been created. The tour gave us an access to the history of Appleton Rum by showing how it was made centuries ago and how it’s distilled in the modern way.
We absolutely enjoyed it, we are not just saying that because we were able to sample the rum. 😁
Our next stop was the YS falls. The YS falls is one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica. The waterfall is stunning & fresh. There’s also a zipline that goes right over the falls. Some of us were not so adventurous lol.
The life guards ensured that we were safe and took pictures of us.
Our final stop on the tour was a trip to Floyd’s Pelican Bar near the town of Black River. It’s  made completely out of wood and there was only one way to get there which was by boat. 

When we got there, we experienced the real “Jamaican time” where everything is irie! Everyone chilled and had a fantastic time. Inside, there were items/ flags left by people who had been there.  The visit to the pelican bar was truly a unique experience👌


This was a free day, everyone had the opportunity to do their own thing. Some of us decided to go to Doctor’s Cave beach to hang out and have a feel of the Jamaican beach..

Doctor’s Cave beach is very tranquil. A group stayed at the Deja resort that has direct access to this beach and so it was simply perfect. 
It’s everything you could want and ask for in a beautiful Jamaican beach. We enjoyed ourselves and had lots of fun


At one of our hotels (Royalton Blue Waters), there was a Christmas Carol done by staff of the hotel to entertain guests. 
Our Christmas day tour was to Chukka Adventures and the dolphin cove. 

On arrival at Chukka, we were required to show our drivers’ license. Our ATV ride was so much fun as we zoomed along the roads that went from muddy to rocky to hilly and also passed through water .


Oh! you’ll also be required to come in crocs/ water shoes which you can also purchase there, albeit at a more expensive price. The thrilling ride was for about an hour with some fifteen minute break in between. It is a phenomenal experience. If you have never tried one, before – YOU SHOULD!!! 

Next at Chukka adventures was Horse back Riding and swimming where you get to ride the horses through the ocean.  (Not the very deep part though) The staff kept us entertained throughout the whole experience!
Lastly,we did the Dolphin cove where we got to swim with dolphins, 
The dolphins are well trained, smart and very friendly so no worries!

During the day, we visited Ricks Cafe. Rick’s Cafe is simply great vibes and positive energy. Great entertainment from the DJ playing Nice reggae tunes. 
Ricks  Cafe is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Jamaica. At night we embarked on a 45 minute trip to Jamaica’s Luminous Lagoon is home to billions of naturally occurring “bioluminescent” microorganisms, i.e. they light up when touched. 

Honest disclaimer: The guards told us many of the pictures you see online are overly edited to portray the lagoon as more luminous than it actually is. so A1 for honesty.
It is however super cool to see the water glow as people swim through it. The water is not very deep, only about 3 or 4 feet and the beneath the water is muddy. Life jackets are available for those who need them.

From the luminous lagoon tour we headed straight for the Jamrock party. Party like no other on our LAST NIGHT IN JAMAICA. What can we say it was a li December. See video HERE. Seeing is believing innit!

The party had to come to an end early as there was a 10pm curfew. We had lots of adventures in Jamaica and we can’t wait to do this again. So sign up for HERE for our next trip to Jamaica.


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