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Travelling for Christmas

Traffic, fuel scarcity, an expressive crowd? Merry Christmas from Lagos to you, Hehe! Just kidding.(not really)
That time of the year is almost here. Lots of delicious food, beautiful people-Lagos, Nigeria is truly a wonderful place to spend Christmas. You’ll enjoy the warmth of the people, the fascinating spots and most of all, the turnup-ish atmosphere.
So people ask: Is Christmas a great time to travel? I mean, flight prices are hiked during this peak season so why exactly should you travel this period?


Flight prices may definitely be way up but guess what shopping will definitely be, WAYYY DOWN. Sales will be in the air. This is your opportunity to get all the things you’ve always wanted at a cheaper price. It’s the holiday season, you’ll get a deal.


We can’t argue that Christmas at home is bliss. You get to spend time at home with your loved ones. However, if you’re always home, then it might be a great idea to see what Christmas is like in other cities. See other traditions and try something new.

3) SPEND CHRISTMAS ON YOUR OWN TERMS: You actually get to do Christmas the way you like! Wanna stay in bed, nice! No one will be forcing you to come out to greet family members.

4)USE UP YOUR OFF DAYS : So for most people who work 9-5 jobs, you get Christmas holidays apart from your leave days, but many of us don’t use them. Take this opportunity and use it.
We are not trying to discourage you from staying home for Christmas, we are just encouraging you to travel during this period. You ‘ll be the one to tell us how awesome it goes when you’re done.

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